Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sugarbush Farms

Today was also a pretty big drive day. For everyone following along, we spent about 6 hours in the car.
But, this morning we started out in Woodstock, VT by going to Sugarbush Farms. We had to cross this really cool covered bridge to get to it. It was way up a hill after this.

Jonathan in front of the sign on one of the buildings on the farm.

Since it's the off season for making maple syrup, in their sugarhouse you could watch a video on how it's all done. The equipment is still out, and they had little signs and interesting things in the sugarhouse...which looks like a barn.

They have this really cute chapel on the grounds as well. People actually come up here to get married.

The view from next to the main building on the farm.

It was really pretty up there. A bit chilly on top of the hill.

Oh yeah! They had goats! I love goats. They had 2 goats and 3 sheep. One sheep was names Fog Horn Annie, she made a terrible sound all the time.

They had a baby cow. He wouldn't actually eat the food.

I'm afraid of cows, but this little guy was so cute!

You gotta take pictures of stuff like this.

Back in town we ate at Bentley's. It was pretty good. We just beat the lunch rush. There was a senior citizen tour bus in town..

The streets of Woodstock. It was a really cute town. If we ever win the lottery we'll buy a house here.

There were flowers everywhere. It was really nice.

This is Jon at the Quechee Gorge, also known at Vermonts Grand Canyon..oh yea.

It was just a bridge that everyone was stopped at.

But to be fair, it was pretty.

That is Paul Bunyon man..he was just standing there in some little town we drove through.

This is today's submission for the perfect tree. This is somewhere in Maine.

I also have a perfect leaf here..Jon found it.

All through the mountains there were moose warnings, but we never saw one..until this guy!

Tonight in Bangor, ME we ate at the Ground Round. It's just down the street from out hotel. It was ok. It's kind of like an Applebee's or something.
Tomorrow we drive to Bar Harbor for a whale watching tour. We're really excited.


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