Thursday, March 24, 2016

Alice and Arden are 7 Months Old!

Time flies when you're having fun!
The ladies are 7 months old and getting to be more and more fun.
They're getting more and more personality.

Alice is pretty easy going most of the time. But, she's figured out if she whines a little bit, it gets her more stuff. Arden has perfected this skill.

Arden likes things her way, but can still be all smiles when she wants.  Her dimples are my favorite..I'd do pretty much anything for the dimples.

We had our first taste of food.

Alice was a little unsure at first, but now they both like a variety of food.

We have a buggy bench, so we are virtually unstoppable. We've been to the grocery store a few times. We are definitely a show stopper. Everyone wants to take a look. 

We had a great St Patrick's day. These ladies had a blast at the Martin City parade. 


Aurora had a good time too. 
We've been enjoying this nice weather and we're looking forward to more warm weather. Our bathing suits are ready to go!!


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Alice and Arden 6 Month Photo Shoot 3-7-16

Time flies.
The girls had their 6 month professional photo shoot this week.  Marissa did a wonderful job!  We went to the Museum at Prairie Fire.  What a creative choice!  I love that building so much, it's just beautiful.  If you've never been, it's definitely worth a visit.

We are a party of 5. It was crazy windy, the temperature wasn't too bad, but the wind was out of control. 

Alice is such a sweet girl.

Arden had a good time, she definitely turned it on for the camera...finally!

I love this one. 


And this one.  Arden has her dimples out and Alice is making a silly face!

Oh, only a party of 4...the big one didn't want to play the game.  She threw a fit nearly the entire time.

The babies loved the colored glass.

Daddy and Alice.

Arden really is a happy girl.  I love these yoga suits.

We managed to get everyone all together at the very end. 

This.  This sums up her attitude all day.  It ended up being a really beautiful shot.  Of course, all I wanted was a nice photo of all 3 of my girls together...nope. Not this time. It's a shame, because seriously, how cute are those lace outfits?!
7 months is approaching quickly.  The weather is getting nicer, so we're out and about town.  Stay tuned.