Friday, October 2, 2009

Blog Virginity

Oh my blog virginity..out the window.
This is my first blog post ever. Not that anyone will read this ever, but this is going to be about me, Jessica, possibly my husband Jonathan, scrapbooking, our kitties, cooking, vacations, ect. Point being that there will be no point most of the time.
My husband and I are leaving on vacation on Monday to tour the New England area. We are approaching our 1 year wedding anniversary and have never really been on a honeymoon. I'm not counting this as a honeymoon, but it should shape up to be a nice trip.
He works for Sprint/Ericsson as a cell communications engineer..meaning he fixes the cell phone network when it's broken. I work at St. Luke's Hospital as a clinical laboratory scientist. We both really like our jobs. We live near Kansas City, MO with our three furry babies. Chip, Aster, and Bean. Photos of them to follow I'm sure.
Well I guess that's all...hmm I'm not very good at this.

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