Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Aurora is 5 Months Old!

Woah!  5 months has flown by! My girl is SO big!

She thinks she's pretty funny.

We spend lots of time at Grammy and Grandad's house.

 We are still best dressed for sure!

This is one of my favorites.

We have busy days at the office.

We can almost sit up by ourselves...she's so close. 

We've learned the fine art of the "selfie"

Pretty in pink on Valentines day.

Tio came over, and we played, and napped.

We went to an Indian party for our friends 1 year wedding anniversary.  She loved all the colors in the outfits.

We were lucky enough to get a nice day or two, so we took the swing outside.  We can't wait for that nice spring weather so we can play outside more!

Man oh man, she is a blast!  She learns something new every day and she is so much fun.  We're really lucky, she is a GREAT baby!  
Be on the lookout for her professional 6 month pictures, she's got some adorable outfits...I'm really excited about them.