Friday, February 25, 2011

Citrus Thank Yous

Well it snowed/sleeted again last night.

I'm pretty much over the snow and cold.

Perhaps my papercrafting protest will win the weather in my's not working so far.

Citrus thank you cards. I just love this stamp set. The orange color looks a lot darker than it is.

I stamped the white paper and cut a border on the colored paper.

The lime one is my favorite.

I attached the banner with a brad and raised the fruit up on dimensionals.

The inside is blank. I love these a lot. I love citrus fruit, and can't wait for warmer weather. Even though I know once it's here we'll all just be complaining that it's too hot. I'm ok with that.

Have a great weekend. I've got a challenge lined up to participate in, I haven't started the card yet, but the contest isn't over until Wednesday..plenty of time.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anya Easter Card

Sorry I fell off the vacation wagon. There are a few more pictures Jon took skiing by himself the last 2 day. They're on his computer, it's on my to-do list.

We made it home fine, our Olliedog and kitties missed us terribly. And we've been laying around doing nothing for the past 2 days.

We brought the crappy weather back with us it seems, so I was needing some Spring in my life, so I made a card.

Easter is the next holiday I suppose, so an Easter card seemed appropriate. I haven't colored with my Copics in a long time (and I'm severely out of practice)

I kept it pretty simple. I cut out the image and popped it up with dimensionals.

The ears have white flocking on them, so they are furry! I haven't used flocking in forever, and this was a perfect reason to.

This is a terrible picture of the inside...I don't know what happened. But I stamped a light blue bunny inside, and the rest is blank.

This card is listed in my Etsy the side bar button to browse <------

I've got 2 days of work this week, then a weekend, so it shouldn't be too bad. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Colorado Ski Trip Day 4

Today was pretty uneventful.

Jonathan couldn't sleep this morning so he went for a drive around town. (I had no clue, I was sleeping) I guess you can drive pretty far up Peak 7. So he got a few shots overlooking the town.

You can see a lot of the runs here.

The rest of the day we walked around downtown. Our legs are still hurting (mine more than his) so a ski break was definitely in order. It was mostly overcast all day. They're expecting snow through the weekend, which should make our last 2 days of skiing super great.

Here's a shot of Jon with the ski slopes in the background.

This is a crazy amount of ice.

Right in the middle of Main Street. I do believe it's medicinal marijuana...but I figure, if you are sick enough to need it, high altitude and a small mountain town are probably not what you need, and you should move. There are an awful lot of younger boarders here though...

Anyway, that's pretty much it for today.

Hitting the slopes tomorrow...maybe.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Colorado Ski Trip Day 3

Day 3 was a disaster, and I should have known from the start.

This is what it looked like when we got up this morning. It started snowing early...and it never really stopped.

This is outside the back door over the patio. Through th clearing you could see a mountain...but instead all you see is snow.

So I had a brilliant idea (in hindsight I see it was terribly stupid, but more on that later.) We would wait out the snow, and hit Keystone for some later skiing. They have night skiing until about 8pm or so. It was going to be perfect. But it never is. We started with a minor boot meltdown in the parking lot. (off to a good start) Then we had to hike 100 miles from the truck to the lifts, carrying all of our gear. Now the Gondola part was sort of cool, it was a little pod thing that was all closed in. You don't have your skis on, just boots, so you can walk on and off.

Well my legs hurt so bad, and I was not in a happy mood so I stayed inside at the lodge at the top of the lift while Jon went on a run by himself. Schoolmarm was the plan for me, so that's what he took. It looked easy on the map, and it is a green run so in theory it should have been fine. Schoolmarm also came recommended to me (you lied to me Russell!!!)

So I suited up, and we headed down. Jon said it was pretty gentle (he's a liar too) Here's the thing, I'm a superwuss. I don't like to go fast at all! I don't feel in control. And as many of you know, I'm a control freak. And on top of that, my legs were sore, making staying in control even harder. And another thing..there's even less oxygen on top of the mountain.

This is me, not having a good time. There are several steep sections on Schoolmarm..which is a 400 mile long trail. My only defense is the wedge, which is really hard on your see the problem here. Well I was doing my best down a steeper part and I totally fell. Backwards. So my skis are in front of me, still on the ground, my knees are bent and I'm sliding down on my back. At which point I took 30 cubic feet of snow up my jacket. It melts instantly you now I'm soaking wet. I'm thinking this skiing thing is not for me. So we get my skis back on and I'm freaking out..once I go down, all confidence (what smidgen of it I had) is gone. Poof!
It's taking forever to get any farther on the run because I have to stop all the time because my legs are absolutely on fire. And I'm a giant wuss.

So we come to another steep part, this one is pretty long, and I swear it looked just like this..well I completely lost it. Panic attack. Great. 6 year olds are passing me and I'm losing my marbles. We managed to make it to the side of the trail where I could sit down in the snow. I couldn't get my breathing under control, because I was still freaking out. Well a very nice Ski Patrol man came over to see what was up.
As if it could get more embarrassing...because I couldn't get it together, and I knew I couldn't ski down the rest of the trail I got to ride in one of these...

This is not me, but this is what it looked like. The cushion was yellow. Yes, a rescue tobaggon. It really only made the panic worse, speeding down the mountain in a glorified rickshaw.

He had no problem. I had my eyes closed most of the time, there was one strap to hold on to, but I pretty much felt that I could dump over any moment.

Once we got to the bottom I was mostly fine again. The lesson for today...stay at Breck, it's better. The run we did yesterday was fine... was great. I'm not sure if we'll take a break tomorrow or not. We'll have to see how it goes.

I figure, it can only go up from here..the most embarrassing disaster ever.

Tomorrow is Friday, so it must be good.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Colorado Ski Trip Day 2

Day #2 has come and gone.

We got a really late start today. Neither one of us slept very good last night. The bed is a queen sized regular mattress. At home we have a king sized tempurpedic. *sigh* There is no fan or anything, so the air (what little of it there is) is stagnant.

Once we ate breakfast, which was leftovers from the dinner we had last night, we went to officially check in to our condo and pick up my ski equipment. Me and ski boots don't really get all. I've got sock problems, and shoe fitting problems and more general problems, but that's another story for another time...

We headed back to the condo to get dressed for the slopes after we got my equipment. We gathered all our gear and walked up the road the the Free Ride bus stop. Where we waited. And waited. And I thought that maybe the bus was never going to come, but it finally did. It dropped us off right at the bottom of Peak 9. There are 2 lifts there. You can see the trail map here. We rode the QuickSilver Super6 Chair lift.

This was the view from the top, which if you look at the trail map is not even close to the top.

There's a restaurant right when you get off the lift. They were putting everything away, but they have tables and chairs and such if you want to sit outside and rest.

This is a view looking up the mountain, higher where it's scary.

Anyway, so we went down the Lower Lehman, which is totally fine, except for this crazy steep one little part, on which I bit it. Then I was not having a good time. After a long while of trying to get my skis back on (the boots get compacted with snow, so then they won't snap into the binding) we continued down the run. Jon was practicing some fancy something or other, on which he bit it. Then I was having a better time.

This was right after lunch on our second time down the mountain. We found a better game plan (someone didn't think to consult a trail map before we began our adventure to the bottom) this time, one that cuts across the mountain more. We took Red Rover to Kings Way down to the bottom. You know, I want to be on a naming committee, that would be fun.
It was a much smoother ride. But since I'm not a skier, my legs were burning so bad I had to stop. I know, such a sissy, two runs and I'm done. That's right!

Yay! We are having a good time. There was a little meltdown on the first run down, but after lunch spirits were back up.

The second time down. Here's the proof people. I was doing it.

After our second run, I scored myself a picnic table while Jonathan did a run by himself. He rode the other life for Peak 9. The Beaver Run SuperChair. Holy cow it goes all the way to the top! I just now looked at that part of the map myself. He rode the Colombia trail down until it meets with the green Sundown trail near the bottom.

We gathered our belongings and rode the bus back to our condo. We showered and got ready to walk around downtown Breckenridge.

Where we were up to no good. Best hat ever.

Or maybe this one.

We ate at a French bakery. We had sandwiches, they were delicious. Jon had a strawberry tart for dessert, and I had a Nutella crepe. Amazing!

They have some cute shops here. We looked in quite a few of them. Some were already closed, so we'll have to get an earlier start some other day this week.

More skiing is planned for tomorrow. I think we're going to hit the same runs as today so I can get a little more comfortable. We're thinking of driving over to Keystone tomorrow night to see what's going on there. They have night skiing, and maybe later in the week we'll do some of that.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Colorado Ski Trip Day 1

Well, we're here. Finally.

I suppose I will start at the beginning. (It's a very good place to start.)

If this image doesn't terrify you, then you're probably a normal person, and the idea that this was the A.M. is not disturbing. I took this of my old, knob missing, scratched oven clock on our way out the door. We got in the truck (Jonathan already had everything packed) and I proceeded to take a nap.

I woke up about 9-ish. This is the face of a hardened marathon driver. If I didn't wake up, he'd just keep driving, and driving, and driving. Pit stops are nothing to a marathon driver.
We stopped in Salina, KS around 10-ish for breakfast and gas station provisions.

I'm apologizing for the slew of photos that follows....sorry.

I am in love with the windmills..there I admit it! I think they are beautiful and wonderful, and I wish I could look at them every day. Some of these were shot while driving..and I didn't put nearly all the photos I took (lucky you) There was a little old fashioned windmill, his big modern brothers in the background.

Look at them and all their glory! Like a field of daisies.

I was snapping them the best I could while going 75mph with the window down. It was some fancy shooting if I do say so myself...there was even a mid adventure lens change.

Jon actually pulled off on a little exit so we could take some up close pictures..well closer anyway.

I've definitely got some fodder for the black and white photo project I mentioned in a previous post. Speaking of post...Jon saw this shot, I took it, I love it!

I like this one too...I also have a black and white version, but I spared you. You're welcome.

We were definitely still having a good time, and driving through the hundreds of windmills passed about half an hour of drive time.

I was just staring at them..I feel like I could do it all day. The direction we were driving, the windmills were facing away from us. I can't wait to drive back when we can see them head on!

So we were driving along the great (read: flat) state of Kansas and over in the distance were 2 really tall steeples. As we came up to the exit for the town (read: 10 houses) there was a sign for the Chapel of the Plains. We had to stop.

A totally random Catholic church in the middle of nothing Kansas.

It was really pretty. We got some stares from the folks driving up and down the street..the only street. But I find if you wave and smile, they smile back.

There were a few more pit stops. We were both getting along, and in a good mood, which is honestly better than I thought it would go. The only downfall was when we stopped at Arby's for lunch and they have stopped carrying the only thing I eat there. Damn you Arby's!

But anyway, so we finally got to Colorado. And about an hour or so out of Denver there are mountains to be seen! It was the most exciting landscape we'd seen all day. (sorry Kansas) They really appear out of nowhere. And it was flat all the way through Denver, then magically your in the mountains.

Like magic. It was getting late, so the lighting was bad. This was pretty much the best shot, with no flash and shooting through the's not half bad.

We passed through Eisenhower Tunnel, which my traveling companion informed me is a mile long! That is crazy!
Apparently the weather can be totally different on the other side, and there actually was way more snow. And the temps dropped.

We finally made it all the way to Breckenridge. It was very dark by the time we made it through all the "falling rocks" and "runaway trucks". I'm really excited to see the slopes in the day time.

Our condo is AWESOME! It's like an apartment.

We have an entire kitchen.

Living room.



Dining room. Theres also a hallway from the entryway and a place to put our skis.

We had dinner in downtown Breckenridge. I can hardly wait to walk around down there and do some shopping. Jonathan is hoping I will buy enough winter clothes that we can just stay here. Speaking of walking around...I'm feeling the lack of oxygen. I'm glad I'm not sick or anything, just winded. Tomorrow should be entertaining at best.

I hope everyone is having a good week (at work ha!) Keep following along, tomorrow is going to be action packed.