Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Adirondack Mountains

Today was a huge drive day.

For everyone following along at home. We left Syracuse this morning at 9, and we drove, and drove and drove. We decided driving though the Adirondack Mountain region would be a great opportunity to see the New England fall foliage, we were right.
It rained most of the morning, and early afternoon. It stayed cloudy until about 5 in the evening. And of course, it was dark by 6:30.
So for today, it's mostly scenery shots. It was beautiful, but I'm not sure our pictures will do it justice.

There are tons of lakes scattered through the region. Jon saw this little cabin on one of the islands.

I think it looks like bird poop, but apparently it lichens..

This is todays submission for the perfect tree. It's a bit oddly shaped, but the color is great and it has most of it's leaves..and it's huge!

A close up of the banks of one of the lakes.

We drove through Lake Placid, where as you can tell was home of the Winter Olympics in 32 and 80. They built a huge arena and a really huge ski jump. We couldn't get a good picture of it, but Jon wished for snow so he could ski it.
I was slightly disappointed at the lack of large crocodiles that eat people. I looked, nowhere to be found.

There was a nice river next to the road for a while. I liked this because all the trees were yellow, not orange or red.

There was a lot of this black rock, I don't know what it is, Jon thinks it's granite. This cliff was huge.

Just a peak that we had a pretty good view of. Everything was so beautiful there.

More of the mountains. It had stopped raining, but it stayed cloudy for a long time.
Tonight we're staying just outside of Woodstock, VT which is a really cute town. Tomorrow we're going to Sugarbush Farms so we can learn about (and eat) maple syrup. They have farm animals, so maybe I'll get my goats afterall.


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