Thursday, May 27, 2010

Delayed Projects-The Story of My Life

So I feel really bad I haven't been able to scrap very much lately. We got all of our stuff moved (thanks Russell!!) and it's a total mess around here.
We've decided to have an open house in June, I was thinking that would give us plenty of time to get everything I'm not so sure. But anyway, I had intended for these invites to go out last week..but they're going out now..which is better than never.

I think the final total was 32 of these..which is A LOT! The stamp is from The Greeting Farm, and it sort of looks like our house.
The edge punch is Martha Stewart. The blue edge we cut by scissors..Jon helped with that part. Some of them have bows, and some don't. It's not because I wanted them to be different, it's because I ran out of sad.

It doesn't look that complicated but it took forever to color all the houses.

Once everything was done gluing them together was a piece of cake.

Also, I have a before and after for today...
I finally got the upstairs bathroom painted, which is so nice because now we can actually use it.

It was a not very nice brown..

And now it's a very dark blue.

With bright green if you couldn't guess.
It was the color scheme we had at the apartment, just without the wall paint. I really like it. It is really dark, it was suggested that we'll be needing might be the truth.

We're well on our way to unpacking this place. The cabinets are still in limbo..I'm told they'll be up when I get home from work today..not sure if I believe it..but if they are that will be the next round of photos...the white cabinets look so great I can't wait. And I need my kitchen back so I can do some cooking!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

We Are Weekend Warriors!

Oh my oh my!
We closed on our house Friday morning! I am so ready to be out of this apartment!
We've been busy all weekend getting the new house ready for the move in. So I've got a pretty big post for the day.

Here's the living room, we're not painting it right now. The previous owner left us these chocolate colored curtains..lucky me!

This is our dining roon, we're not painting it either..I love the chandelier, and the doors.

Our will be unfurnished for a while, our current furniture will go down there eventually. It will be our TV room too.

Now for some Before & After...

This room is my new scrap room (yay!) and it was this very ugly orange..

It has wonderful windows.

And now it is a beautiful Caribbean blue...this is my new happy place and I can't wait to get all my stuff moved in.

So much better.

This is our guest was the nursery.

I don't have a finished shot..but I have one of me working..and one of Katie doing nothing.

Still doing nothing.

This was perhaps the biggest project of the weekend..the ugly ugly kitchen. The counter top is green..and the walls are red..and I'm not really sure what they were thinking.

That space is where my brand new refrigerator is going to go..on Wednesday!

It was a very long process..and we're still not completely done...but we're getting there.

We painted all the cabinets white, Jonathan is still working on the fronts of the doors, but already it looks so much better.

And we painted the walls light green. Next year when we get our tax credit we're going to replace the green counter tops with probably dark gray ones.

It looks 100% better, and we only have 2 rooms left to paint. We couldn't have gotten as far as we did without my mom and sister helping.
I can't say how tired I am, so we're hopefully calling it an early night. More updates soon I hope.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day Cards 2010

Since we had Mother's Day a week early (both Jonathan and I have to work all weekend), I'll show you the cards I made for our mothers.

This one is for my mom. The paper is from SU! and when I saw it I thought of her.

Both cards are easel cards.

Here's the side..with terrible lighting..but not for much longer I hope.

This one is for Jonathan's mother. I used the Cricut to cut out the front part. He chose all the paper and the design, he did a pretty good job.

Both cards have this stamp. It's shiny because I embossed it. I used green ink and clear powder for his mom, white ink and green powder for my mom.

Here's a shot of the whole card.

Sorry I've been slacking, I didn't even get to make anything for National Scrapbook day! But in my defense we're 2 weeks from closing on our house and we've been packing like crazy.

Soon there will be more house pictures and I can create stuff in my very own scrap studio..I'm very excited!