Friday, May 25, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

So I'm a bit late..but it's been nuts around here.

I made some Mother's Day Cards this year.  They are pretty similar..which if you remember, is my plan for all Mother's/Father's day type events where multiple people will be getting cards on the same day.

I made this one for my mother.

And this one for Jon's mother.  He helped choose the paper.

 Aren't my light tent pictures much more nicer than my other ones ;-)

I used my iRock to put the rhinestones on the flowers. 

 I kept the inside pretty blank for nice messages to our mamas.

I hope everyone has had a good week thus far..I'm hoping to get a start on Father's Day cards during this long weekend coming up..I've got a couple of other card related projects too.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

To Agility And Beyond...

To Agility and BEYOND!!

We had a great first trial.  I couldn't have asked my OllieDog for anything more!
Team Rodgers got up very early to head out to the Douglas County Fairgrounds for the Trial.  We got out there about 730.  Got checked in, and tried to do some deep breathing.
I was terribly nervous.
I'm glad the run order is Elite, Open, and then Novice.  Oliver is in I got to watch some other handlers first.
However the course changes between levels, and since Oliver is tiny..and the size order for today was small to tall..we were the first dog to run in the Novice group.

Our first event was Jumpers.  Which is all jumps, and maybe 1 tunnel.  The course was fairly easy for novices, only 2 front crosses.  He stayed with me the whole time.  We had a Qualifying run, and took 1st place.  He came in 7 seconds under Standard Course Time(SCT).  So, we are well on our way to a Novice Jumpers Title.

Our second event was Tunnelers...which is all tunnels.  The course arrangement is the same for all levels.  The SCT is shorter for the higher levels..making it more difficult.  The name of the game here is speed.  Unfortunately, Oliver didn't quite have it.  He DID stay with me, and he DID do everything in perfect order..but we came in 15 seconds over we didn't qualify.  If you watch, you can see we had a bit of trouble with tunnel #7..he passed it originally, but we were able to get it..that's what ate into some of our time.

There were 2 rounds of Tunnelers, so we entered both.  The second course was a bit shorter, but had some trickier handling patterns.  I primed Oliver with a little hotdog treat just before we entered the ring (no treats allowed on the course or in the ring) hoping to light his fire a bit and get some more speed out of him.  He was a bit quicker, and it was a smoother run for us I think...less calling him on and off just flowed better..I had high hopes of making time, but sadly we were 6 seconds over SCT.  DAMN!! 6 stupid seconds.  We're going to get them next time!  We did take 2nd place again.

We earned several's the break down.
Novice Jumpers--Q (purple ribbon), 1st place (blue ribbon)
Novice Tunnelers 1--NQ, 2nd place (red ribbon)
Novice Tunnelers 2--NQ, 2nd place (red ribbon)

He looks so happy!  I'm a proud proud mama today..Happy Mother's Day to me...and to all the other mothers out there.

Jessica (Mama to a happy Agility Star!)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Twas The Night Before....

Twas the night before a very important day, and all through the house, all the humans were scurrying to collect obscure agility items to insure that day would be pleasant...

Our very first Agility Trial is tomorrow.  I am super nervous..I'm hoping Santa grants wishes in May, or a genie or whatever...We're hoping to do well.  But well or not, it will be a learning experience for us all. 

I've got some things on the horizon, tomorrow is Mother's day...if you've forgotten, you better hurry..
I've got cards made, photos taken and they are on the I'll be ready to go with that post tomorrow. 

But's sort of like Christmas..Santa can you hear me??

I finally got my light tent working!  Jonathan got me a tent and lights for Christmas, but the tent was too big..we finally got a replacement that is the right size.

It is wonderful. So the Mother's Day edition will feature the first cards photographed in the tent...I must say already with my complete lack of knowledge..they are leagues better than the ones I have been taking on my desk.

I hope you notice a difference.

Wish us luck!
Hoping for a Q!!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sea Life Aquarium 4-27-12

Team Rodgers did something fun last week...we went to the new aquarium at Crown Center.
It's definitely worth a trip..a little pricey, but you need to go at least once.
I love aquariums.  I'd love to have a fish tank at home, but we have 3 very bad kitties..that would also love to have a fish tank.
So, if you're going to go, buy your tickets ahead of time and save a few bucks, and you get to go to the front of the line.  There was a pretty big line, but we got right in, no waiting!

The first area they have the ugly river fish..I suppose they have a place too..but it got way better!

I would have a heart attack if I saw a crab this big!

I made friends with this fish. 

Since we don't have children, I had to step in.  They have quite a few tanks with little bubbles in them so you can see the tank all around you.  It was pretty awesome. 

I love the color of these little shrimp things.

They have 2 tunnels.

Sting ray!

Fishy face!

They have a pretty cool jelly fish tank.  I love jelly fish. 

They saved Nemo fish until close to the end..I checked all the tanks on the way...I wasn't the only one looking for Nemo. 

Another favorite, black sea horses. 

Lego Land wasn't open yet, but I'm sure it's worth a trip too. 

It was a pretty good all should go.  
On deck, I've got some Mother's Day cards...and there's an agility trial that same will be our first trial..Oliver is very excited..I'm scared to death!  But it will be fun anyway..look for photos and video of that coming soon!