Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Team Rodgers Backyard Agility Course

So I haven't been crafting very much lately, but I'm hoping to get to some things while I'm off this week. I mostly have scrapbooking to get to...I'm way behind!
But I have a perfectly good excuse as to why I haven't been blogging lately either...

Here it is in all it's glory!
Oliver has started agility, and Jonathan has started building a course. So far we have 3 jumps, a tunnel, a pause box and a tire jump. He's in the 5 week class "Jumps and Tunnels" and he's amazing. It's only been 1 class, but he's at the top and I want to keep him there. He loves it so much. The next class is "Weaves and more" by more I hope they mean alcohol, the weaves look really difficult and I'm not sure how he'll do with them.

But for now he loves the tunnel.

And the tire jump...I know it's not a tire..it's a pool noodle..which is cheaper and lighter than a tire.

He can do jumps all day.

He can hardly wait to start the next run across the yard. We've just started so everything is still in a straight line, but he rarely misses an obstacle. Hopefully in the next class or two we'll learn how to turn things. I'm hoping to make the course go around the yard, we'll need all the room we can get once we get a few more obstacles.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nautical Nonsense Father's Day

It's Father's Day, so that means Father's Day cards!

But first, I'm sure some of you want to know how Oliver did at his first agility class. Well even if you don't, I'm going to tell you, why? because it's MY show. Anyway, he did AWESOME! There were 7 dogs, mostly large ones. By the time class was done we ran a 4 obstacle run. It started with the tire jump, then a tunnel, then a regular jump and ended with a pause table. It took 2 tries, but he did in fact do the whole thing. I was very surprised, I thought the tunnel would be a no go..but he handled it fine. It was a long line with 7 dogs, and he could hardly wait for his next turn. We've signed up for a full 5 week course in jumps and tunnels. We're building a Team Rodgers Backyard Agility Course. There will be pictures of course once we get it done. What will the neighbors say!

Anyway, on to the cards!

I went with a nautical theme this year. It's a new stamp set and I just love it! I love the shape of this card.

I had some brads in my stash that worked perfectly.

I kept the inside simple, it just says "Happy Father's Day".

I used pretty much the same stuff for my second card.

I love the blue/green paper, I think it really brings it together.

Also a simple inside.

I'm taking my dad out to lunch tomorrow before I have to work. He's out of town this weekend, of course.

I don't have anything on the table right now. Unless someone wants to order something. :-)
Hopefully I'll have some time to work on some things, SU!s new idea book comes out in a few weeks, which means brand new products and colors...I'm very excited.

But in the mean time I'll be working on training with Oliver. He's very food motivated so hopefully once we get everything built it won't be too long before I can get some video footage to show you...he's very cute going over the jumps!


Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today is my baby's birthday. Oliver is 1 year old today. So today in celebration, we're having an Oliver-palooza!

He's come a long way, that's for sure.

He's 4 weeks old here, this was taken at the breeder's house in Iowa.

His first day home, he was about 12 weeks. This one has always been one of my favorites.

He used to be SOOO tiny!

He's always had such a sweet little face!

So tiny! Now he takes up the whole crate. (which is not too small...and he likes it, and we don't need butter or crisco to get him in there. Thank. you. very. much. )

This video shows how teeny tiny he used to be. It's a 20oz coke bottle. He was just under 3 lbs when we brought him home. He now weights 8.8 lbs.

Bath time, he was about 4 months here.

5 months. This is one of my faves too. I don't know why.

5 months. Getting on the sofa was new, so he thought he was hot shit.

6 months...and the cone of shame. He'd just been neutered and kept pulling at the stitches.

8 months. I'd just learned to use black and white on the camera :-)

1 year old! This is my current favorite picture.

He's such a good boy. He completed all of the PetSmart training and passed the Canine Good Citizen test. Once I get the certificate I'll post it. We're starting agility this weekend, which I'm sure he'll be great at. He's such a little lover. He loves us, his kitty brothers, Grandma, and Aunt Katie. I've been looking at his pictures a lot lately..because I'd love to have another one.

Well Father's day is coming up, and I have cards to post...but I just might take a few days to enjoy Oliver-palooza. :-)


Friday, June 10, 2011

Black and Yellow Big 3-0!

It's my 3 day weekend, and to be honest, I just don't think it will be enough.

We're going to the KC Highland Games tomorrow, and then to a co-workers for a huge BBQ Bash! I'm pretty excited. This bash is for many occasions, and one of them brings me to the card I have for you today.
Her husband is turning the big 3-0! So she asked me to make a card for him.

If you follow frequently (yeah like all 3 of you..) then you've seen this type of card before. I made one like this originally for another co-worker's dad..it was awesome, you can see it here. But this one is slightly different.

I brought the glitter! I guess he hates glitter, so everyone gets him things with glitter. I feel his pain, once you spill some, it's there forever. This glitter is contained. It's a shaker card.

I left the inside fairly blank, you know, for his wife to write a nice message or something.

So, tomorrow should be a pretty big day. I hope to get lots of photos at the festival. We're taking Oliver, so it's bound to be interesting.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thank You Tim The Trainer

I intended to post this yesterday, but I was busy shopping. I needed some new scrubs, and some new work shoes, and Oliver needed treats...all very important things.

But I got to it today.

It's the thank you card I made for Tim the Trainer at PetSmart. He really put in a lot of extra time to help me get Oliver ready for the CGC test. And turns out he really deserved it, because Oliver passed. Man cards are always so difficult. So on this one I used Very Vanilla, Always Artichoke and Crumb Cake..sounds delicious doesn't it...

I used a clockwork embossing folder in my Cuttlebug for the green. I overlapped a stamp for the top, it's from my new stamp set The Open Sea...look for it on a Father's Day Card coming soon..(hopefully). It's supposed to be a ship ledger or something, I really just wanted something nonspecific to make it a little more interesting.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. And I'm really happy with the dog that Oliver has turned into. He wouldn't have made it this far without the extra help from Tim.

I have another man card coming up in the next day or two...it's ready to be posted. Then I have a couple Father's Day cards to make...


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baby Boy Giarffe Card

I've been busy making commissioned cards..yay! I got 2 new requests yesterday, and still have one I need to finish...
But today I have one that I did finish.

Have I mentioned I love making baby cards..I really do. This one I made for a friend of mine, for a friend of hers...yeah. The baby shower is this weekend. They're having a boy, which works great for me, I think baby boy cards are way easier than baby girl cards.

I used the Cricut to cut out the giraffe and the Cuttlebug to do the blue background. The ribbon is Chocolate Chip from SU! The brad is from my stash, and I just hand cut the tag with the Baby stamp on it.

I sort of followed the front for the inside.

I was really happy with how it turned out. I still definitely have a few more baby card things coming up in the future.

I have a Thank you card that's ready to post, and in the works I have 2 wedding cards, and a 30th birthday card...I better get a move on.