Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Santa Baby

Just because she's tiny, doesn't mean she shouldn't get to sit on Santa's lap this year.
Jonathan and I had been dreading the visit to Mall Santa..neither one of us likes going to the mall.  Then waiting in line with a possibly screaming baby who like to poop on herself, to get a crappy photo.  Not worth the effort!  Enter The Mullikin Studio!  They've had a brilliant idea...they get Santa to come to their studio and you book a specific time to visit.  No waiting, no screaming, and best of all, no mall!  These are the people who took our maternity photos, and Aurora's newborn photos.  We're getting ready for her 3 month photos (can you believe it?!)  But in the mean time..

 Santa and Mrs. Claus.  Aurora is on the good list.

A personal favorite.  No crying, and no pooping, but a little yawning.
We tried for a smile, but couldn't get one.  Oh well. 

Keep on the lookout for 2 month pictures, that's next week already!  And Turkey Day!