Thursday, March 5, 2015

Aurora is 17 Months Old!

Woah!  We've been so busy lately!  We've moved across town into our new house out in the woods!  Serioulsy, every night there are at least 15 deer in our backyard...this is because the guy 2 doors down puts food out for them. 
Aurora has adjusted nicely.  Her new room is bigger, she's got a play room in the basement, and someday when we fence in the backyard, it will be big enough for her and all the dogs to run around like a pack of crazys! 

We started the year of trying to take some walks in our new wagon.  It got way way too cold for that, then we moved.  We're hoping to pick up wagon rides again shortly. 

Daddy bought her a sled and snow suit.  She likes it. 

The day we sold our house, the heat went out, so we hunkered down at Grammy's.  Life is always good at Grammy's. 

One of our last days in the old house.  We'll miss it, but the new one is pretty nice too. 

We can have friends play at the new house.  The basement is a wonderland of plastic. 

She's getting pretty weird.  I was holding out some puffs for her to take..she decided to cut out the middle man and just dig in. 

It gets pretty crazy after dinner. 

But during the day, we're still best dressed. 
Aurora is talking up a storm.  She's really getting a personality.  She's going to be funny (like her mom).  She can do more and more every day.  She's learning so much at school, she even has a boyfriend. 
She's coming up on 18 months.  We're planning to get some pictures taken.  And Easter is right around the corner.  Stay tuned for some updates.