Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Niagara Falls, NY

Wow! Today was a long, but awesome day. We spent the better part of it at Niagara Falls in New York. Neither of us has ever been, and it was breathtaking! Seeing this in pictures is nothing compared to the real thing. Everyone must go! Right now, go book a flight, you won't regret it.

This is us in front of the American Falls. You can see Canada behind us. We didn't have passports, so we won't be going there. You can see probably everything you could ever want, and more from the American side anyway.

There is an observation deck that sticks out over the river. This is facing the other way. Behind Jon is the Rainbow Bridge to Canada. I do believe it's up 250 feet from the river, which is really really high. You actually don't realize how tall the falls are until you are down below them...more on that later.

The American Falls are in the front, and one side of the Canadian Falls, or Horseshoe Falls is off in the distance. If you look really close you can see one of the Maid of the Mist boats. They take you really really close, closer than probably any sane person would want to go.

It was only a quater to look, so I had to.

Oh yes. We are crazy and we took the boat into the waterfall. And it was amazing!

This is a view of the dock from the Observation Deck...250 feet up.

We were in the very front of the boat..all decked out in double rain gear. They provide such lovely ponchos for you to wear.

We had just passed the American Falls. I wish we could have developed our waterproof camera film tonight so we could show some more pictures of the water. We could only take pictures with the digital camera when we weren't close because it was a constant spray of water most of the time.

On one side of the American Falls there are some stairs that take you up pretty close to the water, but you don't get too wet. We had just gotten off the boat tour.

I was happy I got up on this rock!

There were rocks at the bottom of the walk way...doesn't he look like he could be in a magazine or something? Back off ladies...

We walked to Goat Island..disappointing, no actual goats. This is the Canadian Falls. They are huge! You just can't imagine...you're trying, but unless you've been, you can't. Stop trying.

I was surprised how close the rails let you get to the water. It was less than 3 feet behind us. Canadian Falls behind us.

I'm sure everyone is wondering..Also on Goat Island you take an elevator that takes you down to the Cave of the Winds tour. They provide you with yet another lovely poncho..yellow this time, and some totally stylish sandals. Because you are going to get wet...super soaker wet.

The view from the bottom. It's absolutely awesome! The larger falls on the left are the American Falls, the smaller one on the right is called Bridal Veil Falls. There used to be a cave hollowed out behind it, but it's eroded away.

You can see the Observation Deck in the distance behind me. This Hurricane deck takes you right up into the waterfall, which I can't show you until we get the film developed.

You can see the stairs going up and up into the raging water. It was powerful when you got up there. We were soaked! While we were passing by on the Maid of the Mist we saw two guys strip down to their boxers and sandals to go up..in hindsight it was a good idea.

This little guy was so cute. I have never seen a black squirrel. The squirrels in Kansas City are grey, but there were a lot of black ones all over the park.

Everyone knows that the fall colors are beautiful here this time of year. The challenge was presented to find the 'perfect' tree. I think this one has potential. It has most of it's leaves, and it's a wonderful color. What do you think?

For those of you following along at home, here is where we are now. We drove from Buffalo to Syracuse. We're still in New York, but just for the night.

It was recommended that we eat here by one of Jon's coworkers. The Dinosaur BBQ Place. It was pretty ok. I would eat there again.

We're done for the night, but we're off to Vermont tomorrow, via the Adirondack Mountains. It should be a beautiful drive.


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