Friday, October 9, 2009

Bar Harbor, ME

Today's drive was really short. We left Bangor this morning and drove about an hour to Bar Harbor.
We went on a whale watching tour. This wasn't our boat, but it looked almost just like it. Our boat was names the Friendship V. And nobody blows the horn like Captain Jerry.
It was chilly on deck. It wasn't bad while we were waiting to leave, but Captain Jerry kicks it in the ass, and it does wonders for motion sickness. I would have liked to stay outside the whole trip, but it was way too cold. It ended up being a 5 hour tour...

Jonathan while we were waiting at the dock.

If you look in the water you can see a bunch of brightly colored buoys from all the lobster traps. Each lobster boat has it's own special color combination or pattern that tells them which traps are theirs. The boat is required to post a replica on their boat so when they come into the harbor everyone can tell if they've picked up other people's traps. I forget how many traps they said there was close to a bazillion.

A lighthouse on one of the islands as we left the harbor.

Another lighthouse on the way to open water.

We found a humpback whale. He was feeding and we spent about an hour following him around. We tried to take pictures, but they don't stay above water for very long. It was amazing. He got really close to the boat. I suppose we don't know if it was a he whale or a she whale. What they did know was that it was young. Older than 1 year, but less than 7. This whale what about 35-40 feet in length.

We took some video, but we're going to have to edit out all the boring standing around before I post it.

Tonight we are staying at the Atlantean Bed and Breakfast in Bar Harbor.

Jon standing in front as we walked to dinner. We ate at a local Italian place, it was ok.

Just to make you all jealous...oh yeah, it's beautiful. The owners Gary and Heidi are very nice.
We are staying in the Rosserene suite...and it's beautiful too.

This is the wonderful bath tub. It's huge, and a great way to end a day that you spent on a freezing boat...that there is first hand advice.

In total it is the bedroom, bathroom, a sitting room and that little foyer you can see outside the door. This is obviously the bed room.

This is in the foyer, a really cool piece I think.

Our suite is on the third floor, this is the first set of stairs.

The breakfast room.

This is the sitting room just off the main entrance to the house.
We'll probably have more pictures of this place tomorrow. I really like it. I've always wanted to stay in a B&B. There's a really pretty yard and everything too. We'll probably put those pictures up tomorrow with pictures from the time we're going to spend in the town tomorrow.
Also tomorrow we're on our way to Portland. We're stopping in Rockland to see the lighthouse museum.


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  1. ONE lighthouse? No tree shots? No pics of Captain Jerry blowing his horn?