Saturday, October 10, 2009

Portland, ME

I don't really have a very exciting post today, but we'll get rolling anyway. For everyone following along, today we left Bar Harbor, after spending a bit of time around the town, we drove through Rockland and ended up in Portland, Maine.

But first, some more about the bed and breakfast we stayed in. I loved it, the room was great. I slept probably the best I have on this trip. It really felt like home. That could possibly be because we had so much room.
Breakfast was surprisingly delicious as well. The owners are eco-friendly, so breakfast was vegetarian. We started with mango and banana in an orange honey glaze. I don't like mango, but I ate it....and liked it. Then we had a crust-less quiche. It was asparagus, goat cheese, onions, and a few sun dried tomatoes. It was so good! I kind of wish we had another one to take with us..

We took some pictures on the way out. This is the side of the house. Our room is at the very top. Those are the windows to the sitting room.

They had a cute little garden area, too bad it was cold, and we weren't staying longer.

This was also in the side yard, the other side is the parking lot for the bed and breakfast.

Then we spent some time in Bar Harbor, since it was a bit late when we got in last night. This fountain was just off the main street on the way to the dock. I figured we should have a picture since Kansas City is the city of fountains.

A shot of the street. There were 2 huge cruise ships that docked that morning. There were millions of old people. It was nuts. I'm kind of glad we weren't staying any longer.

Yes, it's a lobster with ice cream.

It was pretty much the only sign that said Bar Harbor.

We stopped in Rockland. This is the worlds largest lobster, we couldn't resist.

We stopped and looked around here.

It's a lobster trap. They check in...but they don't check out. All the houses have stacks and stacks of these in the front yard.

American Lobster!
So tonight we're in Portland, tomorrow we head out early to stop in Salem Massachusetts and then we're staying in Boston.


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