Monday, October 12, 2009

Boston, MA

Today we didn't have a bad drive either, and we got to do a couple of things today. We started off at the New England Aquarium, after a 2 hour drive around the city, thanks to Mr. Rodgers' excellent navigational skills.
We passed this church along the way, and I liked it, so I took a picture.

This was the view from the parking garage. The cost to park was just down right ridiculous. It was 30 dollars for over 80 minutes of parking.

Outside the back of the aquarium they had a fur seal tank. This guy was up out of the water, he was also the biggest.

This one loved that rock. He was scratching his neck on it, it was cute.

I don't know what this is, but it's pretty.

Sea Turtle, from the top of a 40 foot tall cylinder tank. The tank is the center of the aquarium.

Sting ray.

Can you see the Sea Dragon?

This sea turtle was resting on the rocks.

A group of fish in the huge tank.

All around the bottom of the 40 foot tall tank were penguins, lots of them.

Rock Hopper King of the mountain.

They had smaller tanks around the big one. Each tank focused on a specific region of ocean.

Us at the end of our visit. Honestly there wasn't that much to see. I think the aquarium at the Omaha Zoo is better, especially for the price. It was also really dark inside. I realize that it should be dim so you can see in the tanks. but it was really dark.

So on the way we stopped at Plymouth Rock. You just have to.

They Mayflower II. We didn't get on it, but we looked at it. I would hate riding all the way to America on that boat.

That it. Yep folks, that is Plymouth rock. It was down in a cage pretty much. The tide was out so there was no water around it. It says 1620 on the rock.

Us in front of the Mayflower II.
Tonight we're staying out on Cape Cod. Just outside of Harwich. Tomorrow we're going to tour a cranberry bog. YES! Maybe I'll get to boggercise..I hope so. We're also going up to the end of the cape to see a lighthouse. Tomorrow night we're staying in New London, CT


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