Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NADAC Agility Trial 3-17-13 Day 3

Sorry for the delay on the final day of the trial..but Team Rodgers was wiped out after we got home.
Our last day wasn't a total bust, but I had been hoping for a little better.

This was our first run on Sunday morning.  We had the opportunity to bump up to the Open class since we got a title on Saturday, but we decided to stay in Novice just to help build some confidence for both of us.  He did really well, he had nice speed and stayed with me the whole time.  You can see at the end he looks off, he was checking out the bar setter.  It seems to bother him when other people are out on the field.  Oh well, he came right back to it and we finished 1st place and got the Q!

We keep entering Regulars..and we keep hoping it will go well..but it keeps not happening.  This course looked pretty straight forward.  I thought it was going to be fairly easy until we got to the weave poles at the end.  We started off strong and I had high hopes since there were no discriminations.  But, you can see as we come back around, he's supposed to take the tunnel under the A-frame..he swings wide and takes the frame instead...twice.  And the weaves at the end were terrible...they're always terrible in the ring.  I'll have you know that Sunday morning before we left the house..he did them perfectly in the yard.  We've still got a lot of work to do.

The first Tunnelers run.  Our first chance at the title.  He had a nice run, and I felt good about it, but it turned out to be too slow.  We were 5 seconds over time.  So no Q for us here.

This run was nice too, until I blew it.  You can see me look around like a retard..I lost Oliver.  I thought he missed the yellow tunnel..he didn't, but I couldn't get it back together after that.  He stalled at the blue tunnel, which cost us the 4 seconds we were over time.

Next trial we're up for a Touch N Go title, and a Tunnelers title.

It's in May, so we've got a little bit of time, and hopefully some nice weather to get some practice time in.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

NADAC Agility Trial 3-16-13 Day 2

We were back for more action today.
It was a down right grueling day.  The first event is the same course for everyone so we had to be there early to make sure I got a chance to walk it.  We had to get up at 630.  If you know Team Rodgers, you know that we don't function well at that particular hour.  Even the dogs were upset.  We also had a lot of down time since we only did 3 events today.  It was down right freezing in the building.  Oh the hardships of being an agility handler.
On to more bellyaching, I mean footage...

Another go at Touch N Go.  It was basically the same course but technically easier..Oliver was supposed to take the tunnels this time.  He didn't like that idea.  You can see right out of the gate he steps on the dog walk instead of taking the green tunnel.  Turd.  Then you can see that I push him out to the yellow tunnel under the A-frame, which he takes, and I am pleased..so I continue on...that little turd turned around, came back out and went up the frame.  Are you kidding me?  It gets better.  You can't see him but we're having a misunderstanding about him taking that second yellow tunnel.  He was busy sniffing the sandbags that was holding it in place.  He finally did take it and we were able to finish the course.  Seeing as how he earned us all sorts of deductions, we didn't get the Q here.  Damn.

We decided to give Regulars a try..this event includes every obstacle possible.  This means weaves.  We had other problems before we even got there.  I hope you enjoy all the people that are going to make an appearance in the video.  So, you can't see, but we have a small disagreement about him taking that green tunnel again.  He finally does it, and I think we're good to go...you can see as we come around that I look around...as if I was lost.  That would be true.  I totally forgot where obstacle #6 was.  I found it though, and we continued on our way.  After that light blue tunnel there is a tricky pattern that I really hate. Oliver is supposed to make an S pattern with the jumps.  I never know how to handle this, and we usually fail.  Well we failed in a whole new way.  That little contact loving turd shot right up that A-frame, despite my best efforts.  When we were out there...I could see the moment he decided that was what he was going to do.  We do finally make it to the weaves, which we fail miserably at.  I can't figure out what his deal is.  We definitely need some serious work.

I did save the best for last.  If you follow along you know that we just need one more qualifying run to complete our Novice Jumpers Title.  Each title requires 3 qualifying (read: perfect) runs.  We've been needing this run for a few competitions now..and it's been eluding us.  Not this time my friends!  Oliver pulled out all the stops and gave me a great run!  He had pretty good speed and his focus was great.  Most of all he had his listening ears on, which he hadn't had up until then.  At the end of the run you can see him look around, he was looking at our home base area, looking for his dad I'm sure.  So, we took a 1st place and got the Q!  And a shiny new title ribbon to boot!

We've got one final day on the field, and we're up for another title...we'll see if we can get that one too.


Friday, March 15, 2013

NADAC Agility Trial 3-15-13 Day 1

So, it's been a while since Team Rodgers has hit the agility field.
But we're back, and we're here to win!
I had high hopes of getting some good practice in this season before this trial, but the snow gods decided that wasn't going to happen.  So I was, and still am a little concerned about Oliver's performance this weekend.
Friday night at the local trials, as you know, if you follow along, I know you all follow along, consists of just 3 events.  Hoopers, TouchNGo and Weavers.  Well if you follow along you know that last time we tried weaving events we were shamed..they were down right pathetic.  And since I haven't had a chance to really work on them, we only entered 2 events tonight.
That's right, time for the footage.

First up, as always is Hoopers. It consists of all hoops.  I mentioned last time we entered this event he ran off like a retard..sadly there was no footage of this.  So I was slightly concerned...but he pulled through like a champ.  His speed was a little down, but we finished cleanly.  The speed thing is partly my fault..you can see me waiting for him..we're just not confident in those pinwheel patterns (you know, where you go around in a circle).  I was pleased with his focus and really pleased it was a clean run.  Alas, no Q for us, we were 0.85 seconds over the Standard Course Time (SCT)  Boo!!

Our final attempt for the night was Touch N Go.  I should start holding quizzes...this event is all about the contacts.  Oliver loves contacts.  Last time we competed he surprised me with a TnG qualifying run..so I had high hopes..that was until I walked this dreadful course.  There are 3 tunnel/contact discriminations.  The point in this particular course is to not take the tunnels.  Oliver also loves tunnels.  Dogs succumb to what is affectionately called "tunnel suck"  and they just can't help themselves.  For Oliver, the worst is the dog-walk/tunnel scenario.  The opening to the tunnel is actually a little bigger than the plank of the dog-walk, so really, who could blame him.  BUT, he's such a good boy, we ACED this run!  He hit every obstacle with no problems what so ever!  You can see me twice in the video raise my arms up in sweet sweet victory as he takes the proper obstacle.  The speed felt good during the run, and it turns out, it was good.  We spanked the SCT and beat it by 12 seconds.  Earning us a 1st place and a big fat Q.  Way to go Oliver.

We're up for a full day of it tomorrow, as well as Sunday.  We'll be calling on the Luck 'o the Irish to help us have the best weekend possible.