Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Alice and Arden are 9 Months Old!

Time flies when you're having fun.. And we are definitely having fun.
The girls just had their 9 month appointment, and of course, they are doing wonderfully.
Here are the STATS
Weight: 17lbs 14oz (50th percentile)
Length: 26.8 inches (30th percentile)
Head circumference: 18.2 inches (90th percentile)

Weight: 20lb 7oz (75th percentile)
Length: 27.5 inches (50th percentile)
Head circumference: 17.8 inches (75th percentile)

I'm not sure the noggin sizes are right, they were struggling, so I imagine they aren't as accurate as they could be.  But either way, the girls are growing up so much!

They're both pretty happy ladies most of the time.

Alice is so sweet.  Her grin is still toothless, but we have hopes that she'll get some teeth soon.
She is a crawling master, and she's starting to pull up on things.  Her favorite thing to do is to scream as loud as she can, usually at dinner time.

Arden is turning into quite a little chatter pants.  She's making all sorts of noises. She loves to stand up and will even take some steps if you hold her up.  She'll be walking soon, which is good, because her crawl is a little pathetic.  She just drags herself along the floor.

Aurora is still crazy about them.  She's a wonderful big sister.  And such a big girl herself.  She's potty trained! A victory for mom and dad for sure!

Jon's cousin in D.C. just had twin girls and they were nice enough to send our girls these KC onesies to support our hometown Royals.  His cousin is a big sports fan. 

The weather has been so nice, we've been playing outside.  The girls love the fresh air.

We went to the zoo for Mother's Day.  It was a good time.

Aurora loves to go to the zoo.

These ladies are definitely full of themselves.

Cheeky grins al day long.
Stay tuned, summer is here and we've all got bikini bodies.  We plan to lounge by the pool all summer long.