Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trip to Branson Part 2

Day 2 in Branson was non-stop.

We started with breakfast here.  They have a magic table.  Everyone knew about it except Jon.  
The restaurant was empty and he couldn't believe they would sit all of us at such a small table.  

See, the table slowly rises as you eat.  It's so slow you don't notice, until you can't reach things.  Poor Aurora asked me to get her water because she couldn't reach it.
At this point my mom and I are in tear laughing, because....

This guy didn't notice at all! I mean seriously...he can practically tip the plate back and slide the food into his mouth!  The server asked him if he needed a booster because all the rest of us were cracking up!

Some of the fun was lost on the babies, but the adults got a kick out of it.

The table height started at her belly..and this wasn't as high as it got.  

Day 2 was Silver Dollar City day.  They girls were all matching and ready!

Aurora was on the navigational team.  

She turned out to be a rider!

She rode everything she could.  She's really tall for her age, so she was actually tall enough to ride a few big rides, but since she can't read, she doesn't know that.  

Frog jumper. 

Arden has developed an unnatural attachment to my mom."Mammy".  Arden wanted down, and handed the other end of her leash to my mom..she was the only one who could hold it. 

Aurora even rode a little roller coaster. 

Lunch selfie.  It was like a million degrees. 

They had a splash pad, which was great.  It was a good place for the littles to get out and stretch a bit.


All the big people took turns riding with Aurora. Most of the rides are the same, just different themes.  

The dog jumper, exactly the same as the frog..but not to an almost 4 year old. 

She was even brave enough to ride herself. 

GD and Aurora rode the baby Detonator together.  

The big kids got a quick break to ride some big rides!

We were definitely ready for dinner time!

And air conditioning. 

We packed even more into the day, after spending 6 hours at Silver Dollar City. 

Dino themed mini golf.  Alice like to pet them.  They probably make good pets. 

I've got the beginnings of a ladies golf team. 

Probably not. 

This is Aurora in the outfit Grammy got her at Silver Dollar City.  She loves it.  She loves everything dress up. 

We had a good time, but were definitely glad to get home.  

Stay tuned, we just got back from our final family trip of the summer.  Omaha.  


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Trip to Branson Part 1

We went to Branson last month.  My mom has a time share (yes, please roll your eyes now..I do every time I say it) so we went with them and my sister.
It was an experience.

All gassed up and ready for departure. 

We stopped for lunch at Subway.  

My mom was the victim of a fender bender, so she had a truck as a loaner.  The girls really loved it.  Arden said "Mammy Truck" the ENTIRE way there.  

The place we stayed was pretty sweet. 

It had a kitchen and everything. 

The bathroom would have been way better if we didn't have a whole mess of children with us..oh well. 

First things first.  We went to Dixie Stampede!

All the girls love horses. 

Sissy selfie during the pre show. 

It was 3 brothers that did a little blue grass stuff.  They were pretty good. 

Group photo. They seat you in stands.  And every one eats the same food..even the little ones.  It was an entire freaking chicken..and they don't give you silverware.  I suggest you bring some if you go.  

We were seated on the "North" side.  The show is a competition between the North and South.  

They had buffalo.

And super cool neon Indians that came out of the ceiling. 

Alice LOVED it!

No show would be complete without a little square dancing. 

Or southern belles with parasols. 

There was a kids chicken race. 

And a pig race. 

There was also a lumberjack portion. 

And a big finale. 

Afterwards we went back to the hotel for a swim.  The pool was pretty great.  All the girls love to swim.  
Stay tuned for the second part of the trip.