Sunday, October 4, 2009

Clean Clean Clean

We're gearing up for our trip, trying to pack everything you could possibly need on a vacation. We've been cleaning around the house, this includes giving the boys a nail trimming, brushing and a bath. It went mostly well, but at least now they are all clean and smell good.

Here are our babies. Left to right is Aster, Chip and Bean. We've had Aster and Chip for a long time, Bean is a semi-new addition. We found him in January outside our apartment complex. He was just a baby, and of course we couldn't say no. He's a terror, but oh so cute.
I'm testing out this whole blog thing to make sure I know how to use it so we can bring you late breaking pictures from the road. But for now they will be kitty pictures (because we have no babies).

This is Bean being always.

This is our Chippy. He ran away for a few years, but came back but now his ears are messed up. They don't seem to bother him, he's still very lovable.

This is Aster, he's a spook most of the time to anyone new. But he loves to be with us, and my sister...for some reason.
Anyway, I was mostly just practicing putting pictures up here, and I love my kitties.
I'm looking forward to updating this blog from the road!
Woo hoo.

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