Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby Andrew Card

See, I've been crafting some..
A friend of mine just had her 2nd baby boy!  Since I made a card for his brother Cameron, I definitely needed to make him one of his own.  I can hardly wait to meet him!

I love whales/fish/ocean stuff for babies.  Andrew's nursery is gray and yellow, so I tried to stick with that.  I'm not going to lie, it ended up with way more blue that I originally set out to do, but I still like how it turned out.

Whales are so cute!

 And full of puns!  

I do have a couple more cards to put up know when I find the time.  Team Rodgers has been pretty busy getting ready for their own baby.  We've only got about 60 days to go!  Yikes!


Sunday, July 7, 2013

NADAC Agility Trial 7-7-13 Day 3

Well, today was a total bust.  We didn't get one clean run all day.  I don't know where his focus went.  So I will spare you the crappy footage.
But what I do have are stills.  They had a photographer all weekend, so we got some nice shots.

As you can see..he was more focused on being pretty for the camera, than paying attention to Mama.

Oh well, we had 2 good days.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

NADAC Agility Trial 7-6-13 Day 2

Today was a short day for us.  We only had 2 events.  The plan was to take it easy this weekend, I really ended up entering more events than I originally planned...but that sheet just kept filling up while I was filling it out.

Quick!  Some footage..

First up for us was another go at Regulars.  The course was really set in our favor, and I hoped this would be another win..well in some ways it was.  He started off great and hit the weave poles with a good amount of focus.  I had to call him back to repeat them, well he weaved through them backwards to get to me, which cost us a 10 point deduction.  Damn.  He kept great speed all through the end.  We were under the course time, but the deduction prevented us from getting the Q.

We finished up our day with Open Jumpers.  Another nice course.  He had great speed, stayed with me the whole time and we finished strong.  This was our first Open Q!!  I'm so proud of my big boy!

Good boys get rewarded with tummy rubs!!

Tomorrow is a full full day.  Hopefully we'll keep up the good work.


Friday, July 5, 2013

NADAC Agility Trial 7-5-13 Day 1

This is our last trial before Baby Rodgers gets here, so we wanted to make sure we got out and did our best.
Oliver had a pretty great first day.
This trial is a little bit of a change of pace, it's inside at Sports City in Blue Springs.  It's great to be off the dirt for a change.
This trial also is different because they added 2 extra events, and changed the order of the runs.  We're hoping that it will give us a little bit of an advantage in certain events.
To the footage!

We started off with a BANG!  Not typical for Friday night, but Regulars was first up.  If you recall, Oliver surprised all of us with a Q last trial we went to...I had high hopes.  And it turned out to be a good thing.  He pulled it off again!  He had to repeat the weaves once, but we got it on the second try.  We also beat the course time by 10 seconds.  When he's on, he's really on.

Touch N Go was the second event for us.  This is typically his best event.  We're in the Open class for this event.  You can hear..just as we were getting ready to go, they decide to make an announcement..for a full 30 seconds.  I think it really threw us off our game.  He took the tunnel first, when he was supposed to take the dog walk..and we had a little trouble at the end too.  Damn.

Tunnelers was last on our list for Friday night.  We've been chasing the Novice title for a year.  Well folks, we finally got it!!  This was a great run, and a great course.  It felt good all the way to the end.  His speed was great.  He really pulled out all the stops.  I'm so proud of my boy!

Here we are at the end of the day, with our shiny shiny new Novice Tunnelers Title!!

We're back for a short day tomorrow..stay tuned.