Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Year's Birthdays

I'm not late yet...it's still January..for a few more days.

My sister and my mother-in-law have birthdays that are very close together, so I thought we'd have a little 2 for 1 special. 

 My sister turned 20 this year..which is ridiculous.

She likes the outdoors, so I made flowers.  I made the leaves pop up, mostly because I thought it was cute.  
It's sparkly, I got a new product, so I've been using it a lot...Perfect Pearls are fun!
I filled the card with a bunch of confetti with the numbers 1 to 20 stamped on them.  

My mother-in-law had a birthday recently as well.  This tea set stamp is one of my favorites. 

And Perfect Pearls makes it so much better!

I kept the inside pretty simple. 

Team Rodgers went on vacation over the new year break...that will be next.  
My coworker had her very adorable baby, so I made a very adorable card for that baby, but of course, you'll have to wait until it reaches its recipient before it gets put here on the blog.  

Happy Tuesday.