Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Personal Low...

So at one time I promised myself that we'd never be crazy cat/animal people..well we're there.

We have 3 cats, and Aster, my light gray baby apparently will only drink water when it is put fresh in the bowl. Now of course we never let the water get nasty or anything, but he's only interested in it when it first gets put down for them. We were at PetSmart and Jonathan informed me of this, and then he said he wanted to look at "watering fountains" for the cats. I laughed.

Well I'm not laughing now, because we own one.

You just fill it with water and it bubbles up through the middle.

They love it. That is Aster drinking from it, and Bean is very interested.

They actually bonded, and shared the bowl at the same time..these 2 being arch enemies...

I guess it's a good thing, Aster and Chip are getting older and I guess they can start having urinary tract problems, and we don't want that. And it's small enough that Oliver could use it too.

Well I get 2 days off during the week, and I hope to get some stamping done.

Have a good middle of the week.


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