Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our First Look at Our New Baby!

Geeze I hope I didn't scare you, no, not pregnant, we're getting a new furbaby!

I've been waiting a very very long time for him. This wonderful woman in Iowa breeds pomeranians, every single one of them adorable.

This is our Oliver. He was born June 16th. These pictures are from when he was about 4 weeks old. We can hardly wait to go pick him up. We're driving all the way to the top of Iowa Labor Day weekend, and I'm taking some time off work so we can get him off on the right foot and adjusted. Plus our other boys won't be very happy.

He's black and tan. At 6 weeks old he weighed 1.8 pounds...tiny tiny. She estimates he'll be about 7 pounds full grown. Which is at least 3 pounds less than our lightest cat, and 10 pounds lighter than our heaviest. So don't let them ever make you think they're starving!

He's so cute.

So adorable. I sort of wish this woman at Gifford's Poms was a little more technically inclined. I'd love to have some video or more pictures or something of him.

He's got places to go! He's ready to come live in Kansas City.

These are his litter mates. The little cream one is a girl, the rest are boys. Oliver is the one on the far left (away from the flowers) His brother that looks like him is a little bigger.

Anyway, this brings me to what I spent my day yesterday doing. In preparation for Oliver we are repainting our wrought iron fence. The plan is to put up chickwire so he can't get out through the bars. Well this fence is very rusted and must be sanded down and then painted. You can see the project here at my husband's blog.

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