Monday, September 5, 2011

We had a Zoo-rriffic Day!

So, I mentioned that Team Rodgers went to the zoo last month. It was sort of a last minute decision. Neither one of us had been in years, and we had nothing better to do.

It's more or less the same as I remember..but it's looking to get a lot better in the next few years. It looks like they're going to build some new awesome enclosures for the monkeys and tigers..not together I hope.

They built a wonderful thing for the polar bear, so I know you can do it Kansas City!!

The polar bear was pretty sweet. It's right inside the gate to the zoo...they really shouldn't start on such a high note.

It swam, and ate...that's what I'd do if I was a polar bear.

Team Rodgers can't miss a photo-op.

I love red pandas. I sort of wish we had real pandas..and that they weren't in an aquarium-like cage.

You see, because the kangaroos were loose. Just hanging fence, nada! There was a mother and her terrible child took off toward them...which is why I support leashing your child. Oh, and this child had no shoes. You hear this mothers, and mothers-to-be...leash and shoe your children!

Life as a meerkat would be pretty sweet too...he had probably had a long day.

Jon spotted this really pretty bird in one of the netted off areas.

Again, the KC Zoo has built this pretty sweet Sky Safari...our zoo could be so cool if they tried a little harder.

It's a ski lift. This was the best 8 dollars we spent all day. The only thing they need to make it better is umbrellas over the waiting area. Oh, and they need a few more was pretty sparse.

Baby giraffe!

We had a pretty good time. I think it will be a few years before we think about going back though. We'll wait until they get some new enclosures built.

I'm currently excited about the aquarium that's going in at Crown Center.

Speaking of Crown Center, we had a great time at Irish Fest. We didn't get that many pictures, so I don't know if I'll put them up or not. Katie and I went back Saturday morning to watch some of the feis. Sunday we headed over to my mom's for food and family.

I'm back to work today, and I wish I wasn't. I need one more day to recover!


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