Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oliver's First Swimming Practice

So, as promised, I have some photos and video of Oliver's surgery preparations. We're assuming that he's going to have to have some sort of hydrotherapy to help keep his muscles strong while his knees heal..the problem here is that he doesn't like to be wet. So we're preparing as much as possible by having him swim a little before he has the far it's not going very well.

On another mother thinks she's hilarious. She sent this jar to our house in a box with Wayside Waifs return address on it. Poor Ollie doesn't know his grandma is a nut!

Moving on, he doesn't really like the life jacket I bought for him.. (I think it's adorable)

But he'll stand up and walk around in it for a treat...he's easily bought.

Waiting for his treat...he doesn't know what's about to happen to him in that jacket.

So here's the footage of our first swimming attempt. It's 5 minutes of FAIL. He can touch the bottom, and as you can gather from his face, he has no interest in playing my little game.

I've got a few more things, RenFest pictures and video, and a few more cards. It's only a few days until our trip...I'm so excited!


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