Monday, September 26, 2011


Last Saturday we went to the Renaissance Festival.

Aunt KT went with us, and we met her friend Leah up there for a little while. It started off with a bang, meaning a huge down pour. After it cleared up it was mostly nice. The mud and leaves made for a nasty pomeranian, but nothing a bath couldn't cure.

Ye Olde Pet Look-a-like contest. The girl in the gray coat is holding a pomeranian, a blue merle pomeranian to be specific. Oliver's future brother might be coming from their household...
The Scottie with a knife won. I wouldn't mess with a Scottie with a knife.
I'm the fantastic fairy on the left...the less fantastic fairy is KT.

She loves the cutout boards..she wanted to stop at every one..(no not really..)
Trying on hats is a must.
Ok, this guy (well he's a kid really) was standing on a board that he was balancing on a ball and juggling. As if that wasn't impressive enough, he was juggling knives...AND juggling an apple and eating it at the same time...amazing!
Fairies and the may pole.

It was pet weekend, so they had a little agility course set up. We gave it a could have been worse. The 2 contacts we've never done before. Running on-leash complicated things as well. We came in 4th place.
We're getting really close to vacation time! Tomorrow morning to be exact. I'll be posting Team Rodgers adventures every evening, so if you're in to following along, tune in. Same bat time, same bat channel.

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