Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The First Halloween of the Season

It's chilly today. And that means that fall is finally here (I hope). In fact, a day like today is on my list of perfect days. It's overcast and a little brisk. Oliver and I went for a little walk around the neighborhood today, and it was wonderful.

In honor of fall finally being here I have the first Halloween card of the season today.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, I can hardly wait to set up all of our decorations..and have a Halloween Dinner (if you're not familiar, there will be more on that later).
The card today I think turned out really well. It's the moon and bats for those of us who don't possess the vision.

The bats are attached to the string.

And the moon has the sentiment on the inside when you open the card.

I've got several things on the horizon, 2 more finished Halloween cards, and a few other special things.

We're pretty busy this weekend. We're going to a Royals game on Friday night, the agility class Saturday morning, then RenFest with Oliver and Aunt Katie Saturday afternoon. It's pet weekend, he's very excited.
His life vest came in last weekend, and we're going to test it out, Friday perhaps. I hope to have video..he won't like it one bit I'm sure. For anyone who doesn't know, he's having surgery in October and we're preparing for the therapy he will need afterward.

I hope to get several posts up the rest of this week and into the weekend.


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  1. Let's see the other cards?

    Oh and Ollie hated the water, but he got a double dose. Poor guy, first she tortured him on Friday with a test swim, then after the RenFest he was all muddy and stinky and so had to be given a bath that night. Least he is clean now.