Friday, September 30, 2011

Washington DC Trip Day 4

Today we visited the Air and Space Museum.

Jon loved the rockets. I think that because he's an engineer, he thinks he's a rocket scientist...this is the V2 rocket, the first guided missile.

The Spirit of St. Louis, was the first plane to cross the Atlantic in one trip. Oh there were tons of little tidbits all day...I'm not sure where he keeps this info, he can't remember a 3 item grocery list, but he's got tons and tons of history facts.

I was most saddened that they have kicked Pluto out of the Solar System. On several of the exhibits he was just blocked out. I'm proposing a movement to NEVER FORGET PLUTO!! Poor guy.

The museum is divided into 2 sides, space stuff was on one side, and planes were on the other.

There is no way I would every fly in this. Ever.

Space capsule.

I don't think it's my size.

After the museum we headed to the Botanical Garden. It was really neat. They had different areas, like Jungle, Desert, etc. We loved this pool...I got to see a reflecting pool anyway!

Log bridge.

This was in the desert area, I thought it looked creepy..

We made a hummingbird friend.

I'm an ivy arch monster. The Butterfly Princess declined to have his picture taken in the foliage.

They had a whole room full of orchids. I love orchids.


Team Rodgers loves fountains. We stumbled upon this one on our way to the subway station.

We had dinner at an Italian place tonight. It was recommended by the hotel staff. The food was OK, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Tomorrow we're headed up north to see the other Air and Space museum. It should be an interesting day.


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