Saturday, October 1, 2011

Washington DC Trip Day 5

Today Team Rodgers put on their fancy pants and got chauffeured in a town car to the other Air and Space Museum. The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. It's about 40 minutes away from our hotel, and there's really no good way to take public we upgraded.

It's more air than space, so Jonathan loved it. There were planes everywhere, as you can see.

But this one, the SR-71, I've had to hear about all week. I think this was the only thing he wanted to see on the whole trip. I've been informed that this is the fastest plane ever.

I like space better, it's like a mobile for the nerdiest baby on the block.

It's crazy to think that this computer used to be top of the line, not that long ago.

A Mercury capsule. I'm convinced that people were tiny then. There is no way I could sit in there for very long.

Here are more examples of why I can't be an astronaut. This is what people really want to know about space travel. Pee and poop collection is on everyone's mind.

I mean you really can't top bodily functions...I freaking love planes!

A flying car..

Ok, this is for all you wildlife majors. There is a group of people that teach cranes how to migrate. The fly the little things in the picture in the back of the display case, and they wear the white suit. They are not allowed to talk in the presence of the cranes. They travel from Wisconsin to looks like it sucks. I'm pretty sure there's no texting either.

This plane..I learned, dropped the atomic bomb on Japan.

The Space Shuttle

It was a pretty big place, we saw a lot. This was our last full day. We had Chinese food delivered from a local place, it was ok, but nothing can hold a candle to Kin Lin.

We head back tomorrow. We've got about half a day left here before we have to catch our plane, we're not sure what we're going to do.


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