Friday, July 23, 2010

A Random Post Full of Excitement

Today's post is partly random, and yet there is a purpose.

I have a couple pictures of my Bean cat, because I think he is adorable, even though he's usually more trouble than he is worth...but anyway.
Last night I was laying on the sofa and he was behind the curtains, so we were playing...he would peak around the curtains and try to bite me..yeah he's a biter.

This was taken a couple of weeks ago I guess. He jumped in the window and it closed a bit on him.. we heard a slamming sound (old windows make big noises) and this is what we saw. He had to stay there a few moments while I went to get the camera..and I don't feel bad about it.

Because I think he's so cute I made a kitty card using my Cricut and my Gypsy..there was really no need for the Gypsy, but I like using it. :-)

Here's a closer shot. I ended up using this as a Thank You card. It's simple, but I think it's cute, because it's supposed to look like Bean.

Here's what I'm really excited about. It's a set of 8 owl cards. They're 3x3 which is perfect for just a little note, like thank you cards or something. I think I'm going to get into this set making's pretty much great for all birthday (you could put a cake on it) or bridal or baby showers (think wedding ring, the word baby, or a rubber duck) yeah the possibilities are endless. And it was so easy. I made the files on my Gypsy during my dinner break at work, then I cut them out when I got home.
I might start making them for myself to use with my monogram on them or something..oh the brainstorming!

Here's a closer picture. I love owls..and I think pink and brown ones are cute.

That's pretty much it for today. Totally random I know. But I can't just sit on these pictures, I'll forget about them.

Hopefully I'll have lots of time to make stuff this weekend. Woot.



  1. The picture of Bean in the window reminds of a time when my old cat Kitty, jumped in a window just like that, and when she jumped back out, the window shut on her leg and she was just hanging there. It was kinda scary at the time, but she turned out fine and nothing was broken, so we kinda laugh about it now. I know, I'm mean.

    Cute cards by the way!

  2. Ha, yeah he was stuck, he's too fat really to be in the window like that. I had to open it for him so he could get back out. The expression on his face was the best part..