Sunday, July 25, 2010

Because Everybody's Doing It...

Everyone always shows their scrap room, so I thought I would to. I've finally got it mostly finished, and hopefully there won't be any major renovations after this point.
Please keep hand and feet inside the tram at all times...

Here's sort of an overview shot from the door. It's dark, but it looked worse with the flash, so we'll all just have to use our imaginations for the remainder of the tour.

Here is the other section of the's a really great room.

My desk is 8 feet long and 30 inches wide. My husband built it, you can see how here on his new blog. It is absolutely perfect for everything I need. It holds my Cricut, my Gypsy, my drawers with my Cricut/Cuttlebug acessories, my Copic markers, I have a cutting mat, my paper trimmer, my pens, pencils and a ruler, my Cuttlebug, current paper I'm working with, my acrylic blocks and black ink, my tin with stamped images to be colored/used, my current photo album, envelopes, and a cute picture of me and my husband.
The sad part is all that stuff is the most often used stuff that needs to be on the desk, I have a whole bunch of other crap that I need the rest of the room for.

Like my paper racks. These actually only hold my Stampin Up paper, I just got the second rack this weekend...woot. I also keep my paper stacks on top of them, and my embellishments drawers.
I realize I have a problem...
On with the tour!

Ribbon storage. I stole this idea from someone's scrap's actually a pantry storage thing, but works absolutely wonderful for ribbon..I'm going to be needing a second one.

Underneath that is all the drawers I started scrapping with. When this whole mess got started it was just the big drawer on the bottom, and one set of 3 drawers...When everything was stacked together while we lived at the apartment it was over 6 feet tall. Jonathan build the cart underneath has wheels so I could move it about the apartment...that was great until I realized I could just take over his desk. He's much happier now that I have my own room. :-)

I have a bulletin board with random stuff. My wedding veil, my bouquet is on the shelf above this. Pictures of my niece and nephew, my cats, my CLS classmates, my husband, my Cricut Circle certificate and a few business cards.

My shelves came from Lowes, and I love them for storing my Cricut cartridges, my flowers, the Gypsy box I'm not ready to part with and pictures and other random things on top.

My communication center (oh yes we have a high tech system going on here) It's got a very long list of scrapbook pages I need to make, as well as upcoming cards that I'm going to be needing. And a little section where I write what I need to buy at the store...the current item being a Martha Stewart punch that I can't find anywhere!

Well that brings us full circle back to the door. I hope you've enjoyed traveling with JRo Productions, and come back anytime.


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