Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Birthday Take on The Southwest

So today I bring you a different kind of paper project.
As I mentioned before my sister-in-law's birthday is this week..and as you may or may not have seen the awesome (if I do say so myself) fairy card I made for her..because that is the theme of her room.
Well...she sings in a Christian rock band and has taken to the stage name "Arizona" so that is the theme for her birthday I guess. We're giving her one of Jonathan's southwestern looking belt buckles that is too small for such a large man..but is great for a 17 year old girl. Well we needed something to put it in..and this morning I had a vision.

I don't usually do "southwest" type things, but I think this color combo works. I used my Gypsy (more on that later) and my Cricut to cut out the box and the tags.
Here's a shot from the top. The tags are 3 circles, a brown one, a blue one and a cream one. well I used the Gypsy to put a letter in the center of the cream circle!'s the best thing ever!

The R is for Rachel.

And the A is for Arizona! A vision I tell you!

She's still getting the fairy card..and that's just too bad.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this super quick, but now I have to get ready for work.

Have a great day.


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