Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our 3rd Year Anniversary

3 years ago today Jonathan and I got married. It was the best day of my life, and also the best decision. We've never been happier.

We have decided to give the traditional wedding gifts to each other every year..to make it a bit more challenging. Year 1 was paper, I got Jon a wonderful stationary set with a monogram wax presser...he got me a kindle (cheater). Year 2 was cotton, I made Jonathan a shadow box with cotton seeds, as well as some cotton undershirts, he got me some shirts, and an iPod dock (cheater). So we're on to year 3, which is leather. I put my foot down this year...no cheating, and no supplemental gifts! I got Jonathan a pair of leather driving gloves, he got me a pair of fur lined leather mittens!! Win! And it further proves my point that we truly are soul mates.

*On a completely unrelated note, Oliver is out of surgery, and doing wonderful, or so I'm told. I plan on fully blogging his procedures and road to recovery so that hopefully someone in need of info stumbles upon my blog and is able to find the answers I mostly had to guess..but more on that once we bring him home*

I have an anniversary card today!

It's semi-manly. I used my medallion stamp and I colored it with markers to give it that multicolored look.

A brad in the center really brings it together. The inside is plain, with room for a loving message.

I should have several more updates this week. We go to pick Oliver up tomorrow, and I couldn't be happier.


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  1. Ok, so just for the record, a kindle is kinda like electronic paper. And I did get you cotton, but you needed a cool iDock for your scrapbook room. So you got a 2fer. This year I got you gray fur lined mittens so you would stop threatening to turn the cat into mittens.