Wednesday, May 11, 2011

LSW Grad Card

It's been very busy around the Casa de Rodgers. Yesterday was my day off after working the weekend, and the only day to accomplish a few things until this weekend..which is filling up. It's my sister's prom and I've been named official handler...which means I have to spend all day out there on Saturday. She's going to look great, so I guess I'm ok with it. Look for pictures this weekend.

I've been dying to post some yard stuff..but it's not quite done yet. I made great progress yesterday though. I bought a few more hosta to go around the water fountain that Jon made...I'm really dying to post some pics of is WONDERFUL! I mulched that whole flower bed, filled in the walkway and put down grass seed, and I started mulching our side bed under our birch tree. Last week we got some hosta from a co-worker of mine, they are perfect for under the tree. As soon as the mulching and such is done I'm going to put some before (when we bought the place) and after pictures's going to be great.

But anyway, today since it's graduation time I thought I would post a grad card I made for my cousin.

Her party was last weekend. I had to work, but Jonathan was a great representation from Team Rodgers. She is going to graduate from Lee's Summit West. Their colors are blue, black and silver. I used my Cuttlebug on the silver paper. It's sort of shiny, I'm not sure you can tell.

The stamp is from Hobby Lobby..I love that place. I embossed it with silver's shiny too.

I used watermark ink to stamp the congratulations in the background. I wrote inside it with a silver pen...pulling out all the stops here!

I heard it was a nice party..I wish I could have been there.

I'm gearing up for my sister's party. I am knee deep in decorations. Wait until you see them...they're the best non-card project I've done yet! I have her grad card finished too, but I wouldn't want her to stumble upon it, she wants everything to be a surprise...


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