Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Anniversary #2

I've got a pretty picture heavy post today. I've been busy working on things for our second wedding anniversary, which was yesterday October 18th.

We decided that we would participate in giving the traditional wedding anniversary gifts, because it would be more challenging. The first anniversary gift is paper, which you think would be easy, but I've got a cheater on my hands. He gave me a Kindle (which I love)...electronic paper..funny right? So this year we had a long chat about not cheating. The second anniversary gift is cotton. I did get some things made of cotton, but I also got a iPod dock that lights up and charges my iPod (also love it!) however..it is in no way made of cotton. Big. Fat. Cheater.

I had some help with my idea this year (thanks mom!) So here's what I did.

I made this card, it's a secret message card..but more on that in a few.

I used the broken glass technique on the front panel. And lot and lots of sponged edges.

When you open it you can see the first message.

Then here's the secret part.

Then some magic happens...(I had to take this picture out since you could read what I wrote..and this being a secret message card and all it was really only meant for my husband...watch Dawn's video to see how it works. It's totally awesome and I plan to make several more of these)

You can open it the other way to show a different message. It's really pretty cool. The idea and how to came from Dawn's Stamping Studio of course.

But this is what took the longest. It goes in a shadow box, it's like a scrapbook page, but instead of paper, I used cotton fabric! My mom ordered some cotton seeds for me.

I went and picked out a bunch of fabric that I thought went together, and when I got home I saw that this one had a cute boy and girl holding hands! I just had to use that part.

I printed a picture of cotton and put the seeds on a little wax paper pouch.

I'd never seen cotton seeds, they're really fuzzy. I have some extra in case anyone is interested in growing their own cotton.

It's been a really busy weekend. But now I have a whole year to think about what to do for our third anniversary...which is leather.

It's my Friday today since I have to work this weekend. I have some more exciting pictures to bring you..it's Halloween time and that means dressing our poor animals up in costumes..more on that later this week.


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