Sunday, January 10, 2010

My First Time Skiing..and I liked it.

Yeah, today Jonathan and I went to Snow Creek to do a little skiing. He used to live 10 minutes from it so he would go there all the time, and used to be pretty good from what I can gather.

The boots were uncomfortable as all get out and my legs are still on fire, but it was fun.

AND I only fell once..but I wasn't moving at the time...yeah I was just standing there and BOOM! Down I went.
I didn't do anything but the little 'practice' hill. It's where they teach the lessons and stuff so everyone was slow moving..which was nice.
YAY I'm doing it!
We had to take a few breaks because my legs hurt so bad.

Jonathan did the regular run a few times..I felt bad that he had such a handicap all day (yeah that would be me)
He picked it up like a might never know he hasn't skied in years.

I had to wear a pair of his gloves because I don't have any waterproof ones. They look like gorilla finger is about 2 inches from the tips of the gloves.

We stopped by his parents to get his old ski equipment so it won't be as expensive next time we go..I can see this is something he's going to want to do all the it's good that I like it.

So I'm wicked tired, so we're going to bed, and I'm sure we'll both sleep like the dead.


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