Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Not Too Late For Halloween

I'm a bad blogger...and I know Halloween has come and gone, but I had one more card to post.

I think any card that you can use a rat stamp has got to be a winner.

I sent this one to a fellow 'lab rat'.

Complete with one really big spider on the inside.

I got off early on Halloween so I got to be home to hand out candy to the trick or treaters. We had some, I don't think it was quite as many as last year. They seemed to wrap it up around 8:30 or so, since it was a school night. Oliver hates trick or treaters. It sends him into another dimension that they are close to the house, ringing the doorbell, and to top it off they take our candy! He simply can't stand it.

I can't believe it's November already. Turkey day is just around the corner, and to make that even more daunting, I'm hosting my mother's side of the family, and hopefully Jonathan's family as well. I'm terribly nervous! It should be a good time, but I don't know how to cook a turkey! Then Christmas is just a few short weeks after...where has this year gone?

A small Oliver update:
He's doing well. His wounds are almost all the way healed, his butt fur is slowly growing back in. He's pretty much acting like nothing happened. He wants to run and play so badly, but he can't yet. We're having our recheck appointment at MU in December, so hopefully all has gone well and he'll be cleared for activity then. I really hope so, because he's gonna love to play in the snow this year. The only thing is, he's still limping on the right leg, we're hoping that he'll "grow" out of it, they did do a ton of work on his we're hopeful.

That's pretty much it. I have a few cards on deck, and at least 1 set to be hopefully I get to them soon.


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