Friday, November 18, 2011

Fluffles Ornament Card

So I know that 2 posts in 2 days doesn't really make up for a complete lack of posts for 2 weeks, but hey, I'm trying here.

As I said yesterday, I've got 20 Christmas cards on my plate this year. Well it's going to be particularly difficult because I don't really like making Christmas cards...I don't like the color red..and I definitely don't like it with green. I like blue though, and frosty winter stuff, so there's going to be quite a bit of that. You've been warned.

And since this is going to be difficult, I'm going to take all the help I can get. I happened to have made a card last year that I never sent. Well waste not want I'm going to use it this year.

Oh Fluffles! I love him. I'd bet that there will at least be a few more Fluffles cards coming this year. See, blue. I like blue.

Christmas is also the time I usually have to visit my Copic markers. I've gotten out of practice that's for sure. I made another card last night (maybe I'll post it this weekend) and my coloring is better than it used to be..but no where near as good as I'd like it to be.

I think this was one of the first cards I shot with my new camera.

Team Rodgers is going to be very busy in the next week. (I'm going to try really hard to get that other Christmas card up here..I've got a birthday card too, but that can't go up until Tuesday) I'm working this weekend, and we're hosting Thanksgiving. So this means that my days off will be filled with cooking and prepping..and sadly, not cardmaking. We're attending a turkey day on Thursday, hosting on Friday, then on Saturday and Sunday we'll be doing damage control and putting up our Christmas Trees. Trees. Yeah, as in more than one. More like 3, Mr. Christmas will be so happy this year.

So this is me apologizing if we have no time to come up for air this week.

Enjoy your turkey!


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