Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baby Cameron Card

Today I bring you one of my favorites..I love making baby cards. I've also decided this will be my sort of tradition. It started with Baby Jack and his card here. I've since decided to make a card with the baby's name on it for the parents, or the baby book, or whatever.

So my friend Lauren at work just had a baby. They didn't find out the gender beforehand..which drove me absolutely crazy!! They ended up having a little boy named Cameron, and he's really cute.

This is Cameron's card. His mom loves monkeys and she decorated the nursery in several colors to keep it sort of gender neutral.

Monkey! Courtesy of my Cricut, and Gypsy. The Gypsy really made cutting out the letters on different colored paper easy. It should have made cutting a monkey of the right size easy...but alas..I ended up with 3 monkeys before I got it right.

I used the same star paper on the inside.

I had this card done last week but I had to make sure it got to where it was going before I put it on here.

I still have a birthday card to show..and one or two to make.

Stay tuned.


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