Sunday, July 24, 2011

Platte County Fair and Tractor Pull

So, yesterday was probably the hottest Saturday in the history of Earth. What was I doing? Staying inside? No. We were at the Platte County Fair to see Jonathan's sister sing the National Anthem for the Tractor Pull.

We were there for much longer than anticipated because there was a communication error as far as the start time of the show goes.

Look at that tractor pull! We spent an hour watching this tractor level out the dirt in the arena. We thought the event started at 6, so about 5:40 or so we sat in the grand stand. We had the perfect spot for photo opportunities. We were right in the middle, sort of toward the top. It was perfect, until we got word that they weren't going to start until 7! Yikes, it was a hot hour and a half.

Not a tractor, and it's not pulling anything. It's pushing, pushing the dirt down.

Did I mention it was an entertaining hour?

We finally got with the program. This is Rachel in the announcer's booth singing before the pull.

And the flag, you have to have the flag for the National Anthem. She did a nice job. I wish I had just a little more zoom on my lens so I could have gotten a bit closer.

This is what they were supposed to pull. I learned all about this in the hour we were watching them pack dirt. For those of you that don't know (this was me) there is a weight that comes out and goes across this thing, once it gets to the right side it pushes that big flat thing into the ground, making it harder to pull. Depending on the pulling class, there is more or less weight. They judge by the distance they pull. I suppose if there was a tie in distance then they'd use the time.

Big noisy trucks were first.

This guy is from Iowa, and he pulled the farthest. Don't cheer yet Iowa fans! He was also the only one in this class to get disqualified for going outside the lines!

This is a sad excuse for a picture. We were under the impression that they were going to do all the classes of trucks first..and we didn't want to wait around. But they surprised us all, they did the small class of tractors in between. We had moved from our prime seating at this point to make plans with Jonathan's family. The tractors are much more interesting. They aren't as noisy, and the front ends come off the ground! We only got to see a few.

This is the best I could do as far as pulling tractors.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm glad to be in my fishbowl, watching my husband work on our vehicles, and sucking down some AC.



  1. Looks like fun! If you had a Nikon I could recommend a lens for you. My favorite "all-purpose" lens is our superzoom (18-200mm); expensive, but totally worth it. One lens for everything!

  2. We have the 55-250mm which I love, but we were pretty far away.