Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today is my baby's birthday. Oliver is 1 year old today. So today in celebration, we're having an Oliver-palooza!

He's come a long way, that's for sure.

He's 4 weeks old here, this was taken at the breeder's house in Iowa.

His first day home, he was about 12 weeks. This one has always been one of my favorites.

He used to be SOOO tiny!

He's always had such a sweet little face!

So tiny! Now he takes up the whole crate. (which is not too small...and he likes it, and we don't need butter or crisco to get him in there. Thank. you. very. much. )

This video shows how teeny tiny he used to be. It's a 20oz coke bottle. He was just under 3 lbs when we brought him home. He now weights 8.8 lbs.

Bath time, he was about 4 months here.

5 months. This is one of my faves too. I don't know why.

5 months. Getting on the sofa was new, so he thought he was hot shit.

6 months...and the cone of shame. He'd just been neutered and kept pulling at the stitches.

8 months. I'd just learned to use black and white on the camera :-)

1 year old! This is my current favorite picture.

He's such a good boy. He completed all of the PetSmart training and passed the Canine Good Citizen test. Once I get the certificate I'll post it. We're starting agility this weekend, which I'm sure he'll be great at. He's such a little lover. He loves us, his kitty brothers, Grandma, and Aunt Katie. I've been looking at his pictures a lot lately..because I'd love to have another one.

Well Father's day is coming up, and I have cards to post...but I just might take a few days to enjoy Oliver-palooza. :-)


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