Sunday, March 27, 2011

Updating on the Home Front

Team Rodgers has been busy on the home front...well mostly Jon, but who would take the pictures?

We've been after some under cabinet lighting for a long time now. Our kitchen is a dark hole. Even though we lightened up the cabinets and the walls, still a hole. So finally it happened.

Jon installed this lighting, one under each door on the top. It's great for now. You can't see the wires, unless you're severely vertically challenged. At some point we'll have to replace the cabinets, then we'll have a professional job, but that day is not today.

They're really simple lights. He wired them into the light switch that controls the light above the sink. It's wonderful! So much brighter.

We finally got our hutch. IT. IS. BEAUTIFUL! and I love it.

It came assembled, and that's how you know you have grown up furniture. We were a bit concerned about it matching everything we already have, but it does, perfectly. The molding, the table, all matching...I love matchy matchy.

It has a light in the upper part. The glass looks distressed. It's from the Attic Heirlooms collection.

But perhaps the best part, is to turn on the light you tap the top hinge. AWESOME!

And the dishwasher...
Oh, no wait, it still sucks. And I'm angry.

We're going to Lowe's tonight to see what we can do about it. Jon's also working on the upstairs carpet removal. I'm going to wait until it's finished to show you, but it's awesome too!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I'm currently in my studio, working away...sort of. I just got a new bunch of stamps that I had to cut out, so I'm taking a break to blog..but now I'll get back to it...


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