Friday, March 4, 2011

The Fruity Bunch?

I know you probably thought we were done with the fruit, well you'd be wrong.

A coworker friend of mine wanted the complete fruit set, so I made 3 more cards with the 3 other fruit from the Tart n Tangy stamp set.

I really really like them! I'm partial to citrus fruit, but I love these too!

I was concerned about the strawberries, but they turned out to be my favorite I think.

Or maybe the cherries...

It's really hard to decide.

Well I think I'll keep making tons of these, they are super easy. And super cute. Perfect for the nice weather that is supposed to be coming our way...I hope.

Team Rodgers needs some good weather to begin Yard Overhaul 2011.

Oliver is helping me type, so I've got to be going. Hope you all enjoy your weekend.


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