Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fur-Baby Interlude

Because I'm a slacker..(I'm working on a card I promise! and a giant set on invitations) I thought I'd bring you a fur-baby interlude.

I love black and white photography. We're going to put some on our hallway wall...someday. Well since there is 10 feet of snow out there it's making location shoots difficult. The plan is to frame some local places that we like. Oh, and we're the ones taking the pictures (read: just me).

Because it's so cold, and I don't want to go out I decided to use the 4 perfect practice specimens I have right here in the comfort of my own home...

Bean was sleeping, but he's such a ham he didn't really mind.

Lazy cat.

This was after I'd gone back to my room, he was coming to ask if I was sure that I was finished taking pictures of him.

I think this one is my favorite.

I like this one too. Poor Chippy never gets any love..(yeah not true..we slept the whole morning away together.)

This abused cat is sleeping on my pillow. Tough life, I know.

The Olliedog is much more difficult to take pictures of. He's interested in what you are doing and often gets too close. Way too close. But I just happened to catch this at the perfect moment...and it makes me laugh.

The Olliedog is ferocious.

And adorable.

The elusive Aster couldn't be bothered with me and my camera. He was busy typing important documents....or something.

He prefers to sleep on Jonathan's laptop. Even though Jonathan bought him his very own heating pad that is also on the desk. I can't decide if the heating pad is worse than the water fountain...

Anyway, I hope you are all having a good day, and if you weren't that you are now that you've had a little pet therapy. They say pets extend lives...I might live forever.


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