Friday, February 18, 2011

Colorado Ski Trip Day 4

Today was pretty uneventful.

Jonathan couldn't sleep this morning so he went for a drive around town. (I had no clue, I was sleeping) I guess you can drive pretty far up Peak 7. So he got a few shots overlooking the town.

You can see a lot of the runs here.

The rest of the day we walked around downtown. Our legs are still hurting (mine more than his) so a ski break was definitely in order. It was mostly overcast all day. They're expecting snow through the weekend, which should make our last 2 days of skiing super great.

Here's a shot of Jon with the ski slopes in the background.

This is a crazy amount of ice.

Right in the middle of Main Street. I do believe it's medicinal marijuana...but I figure, if you are sick enough to need it, high altitude and a small mountain town are probably not what you need, and you should move. There are an awful lot of younger boarders here though...

Anyway, that's pretty much it for today.

Hitting the slopes tomorrow...maybe.


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