Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Colorado Ski Trip Day 1

Well, we're here. Finally.

I suppose I will start at the beginning. (It's a very good place to start.)

If this image doesn't terrify you, then you're probably a normal person, and the idea that this was the A.M. is not disturbing. I took this of my old, knob missing, scratched oven clock on our way out the door. We got in the truck (Jonathan already had everything packed) and I proceeded to take a nap.

I woke up about 9-ish. This is the face of a hardened marathon driver. If I didn't wake up, he'd just keep driving, and driving, and driving. Pit stops are nothing to a marathon driver.
We stopped in Salina, KS around 10-ish for breakfast and gas station provisions.

I'm apologizing for the slew of photos that follows....sorry.

I am in love with the windmills..there I admit it! I think they are beautiful and wonderful, and I wish I could look at them every day. Some of these were shot while driving..and I didn't put nearly all the photos I took (lucky you) There was a little old fashioned windmill, his big modern brothers in the background.

Look at them and all their glory! Like a field of daisies.

I was snapping them the best I could while going 75mph with the window down. It was some fancy shooting if I do say so myself...there was even a mid adventure lens change.

Jon actually pulled off on a little exit so we could take some up close pictures..well closer anyway.

I've definitely got some fodder for the black and white photo project I mentioned in a previous post. Speaking of post...Jon saw this shot, I took it, I love it!

I like this one too...I also have a black and white version, but I spared you. You're welcome.

We were definitely still having a good time, and driving through the hundreds of windmills passed about half an hour of drive time.

I was just staring at them..I feel like I could do it all day. The direction we were driving, the windmills were facing away from us. I can't wait to drive back when we can see them head on!

So we were driving along the great (read: flat) state of Kansas and over in the distance were 2 really tall steeples. As we came up to the exit for the town (read: 10 houses) there was a sign for the Chapel of the Plains. We had to stop.

A totally random Catholic church in the middle of nothing Kansas.

It was really pretty. We got some stares from the folks driving up and down the street..the only street. But I find if you wave and smile, they smile back.

There were a few more pit stops. We were both getting along, and in a good mood, which is honestly better than I thought it would go. The only downfall was when we stopped at Arby's for lunch and they have stopped carrying the only thing I eat there. Damn you Arby's!

But anyway, so we finally got to Colorado. And about an hour or so out of Denver there are mountains to be seen! It was the most exciting landscape we'd seen all day. (sorry Kansas) They really appear out of nowhere. And it was flat all the way through Denver, then magically your in the mountains.

Like magic. It was getting late, so the lighting was bad. This was pretty much the best shot, with no flash and shooting through the windshield...it's not half bad.

We passed through Eisenhower Tunnel, which my traveling companion informed me is a mile long! That is crazy!
Apparently the weather can be totally different on the other side, and there actually was way more snow. And the temps dropped.

We finally made it all the way to Breckenridge. It was very dark by the time we made it through all the "falling rocks" and "runaway trucks". I'm really excited to see the slopes in the day time.

Our condo is AWESOME! It's like an apartment.

We have an entire kitchen.

Living room.



Dining room. Theres also a hallway from the entryway and a place to put our skis.

We had dinner in downtown Breckenridge. I can hardly wait to walk around down there and do some shopping. Jonathan is hoping I will buy enough winter clothes that we can just stay here. Speaking of walking around...I'm feeling the lack of oxygen. I'm glad I'm not sick or anything, just winded. Tomorrow should be entertaining at best.

I hope everyone is having a good week (at work ha!) Keep following along, tomorrow is going to be action packed.


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  1. Hey Jessica! Your blog is making me homesick for the FLAT plains of Kansas. What did they stop carrying at Arby's that you like to eat? Bob wants to know. Enjoying your commentary. Hope it was a good day for skiing! Marsha