Monday, February 22, 2010

My Deadly Sin is Sloth

So I know I've been really lazy and haven't posted anything for a while, but in my defence I was busy this weekend..sort of. On Saturday night we went to see Riverdance at the Independence Events Center. A friend of ours has season tickets to the hockey games, and can reserve those seats for other events. (Thanks Debbie!) They're really nice seats too..on the special upper level.
It was an awesome show. We saw it a few years ago at Starlight, and it was amazing then too.
So I added a spiffy new button on my side menu, it's for My Pink Stamper. I really do love her Cricut tutorials...without her I wouldn't be able to use mine. :-)
So really the point of this is..I'll have something soon..I hope. I've been working on our vacation scrapbook..and a painfully slow rate, but I have St. Patrick's Day cards to make. So look for those. And you should check out some of the other blogs I follow if your looking for some good stuff to look at.
That's all for now.


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