Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Day Treat Pouches

So Valentine's Day is this weekend, so the next few posts will be concerning that subject..

Since it's Friday, and I won't be working on Sunday I'm taking treats to work today.

I made sour cream containers filled with Hershey's kisses for each of my coworkers..yeah, don't you wish you worked with me...

I took a few pictures so you could really see what they look like. This is from the top, obviously this one is Adam's.
These were really easy to make, however, since I made them yesterday the glue is starting to come apart, I hope they hold long enough for me to get them to work. I guess I'll need another stronger glue if I ever want to make these again...any suggestions?

I made different colors for everyone. These don't have the name tags on them yet, but you get the idea.
YUM! Everybody needs a little emergency chocolate.
I have some extra candy that doesn't fit into the containers, so I made a little box thing to hold the extra. I made 2, but I only took pictures of one. I made this with my Cricut (it's pronounced the bug..just in case you didn't know who you are.) I used the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cartridge.

I just stamped something simple onto one of the sides. It was really easy too.

I have some Valentine cards that I made, I'll post them later, I want to make sure they get to their destination before I put them up here, so there is no sneak peak.


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