Friday, December 7, 2012


Sorry so much for the seems that my Picasa storage was filled, and I had to purchase more...I didn't realize the internet had a max.
Anyway on with Cora-palooza!!

This was the very first picture of our baby girl!  She was about 3 days old, and looks like a little old man.  She's come a long way.

She used to be so tiny.  She can still fit under this bench..but there's definitely less head room.  When we got her she weighed less than 2 pounds. 

She was so sweet. 

 Now she all grown up..and whopping 6.2 pounds

 Sometimes she's sweet,

 But most of the time she's Cora.  Snarky, bossy, and sassy. 

We had a little birthday cupcake on her actual birthday which was November 4th. 

She passed all of her PetSmart training classes, but we haven't taken the Canine Good Citizen test yet.  She wasn't quite old enough yet to pass once we finished the classes.  We still work with her, and actually she's showing great agility prospect.  We plan to begin taking her to classes in a few weeks.  She's a little spitfire and she'll be unstoppable.  
She's definitely not what we expected when we took on another Pomeranian, but we love her anyway, and wouldn't change a thing.  


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