Sunday, December 9, 2012

Peacock Birthday Card

I'm trying to do my Blogger duty and get some posts up.  It's been crazy busy, as usual...and computing just isn't high on the list...playing games and facebook, yes, editing and posting photos..not so much. 
My mother had a birthday a few weeks back, so I made her a card..which is about all she'll let you do. 

She loves much that she's dedicated an entire new house to them. 

And I like shiny...oooh pretty. I used my iRock to set the gems, so they never come's so much easier than trying to glue them.  

 The inside is pretty simple, you know for a nice birthday greeting. 

The holiday season is quickly approaching.  Team Rodgers put up the tree this week...with way more help than we needed.  We're preparing for the last agility trial of the year. We've taken our Christmas card photos, and they're being printed right now, so look for them in a mail box near you.  


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